Swift Cloud Works Great!

Erika at Excel Staffing

Swiftcloud is very user friendly. When we found out about Swiftcloud it was the exact thing we were looking for. We have a very long application process so using Swiftcloud made it very easy. Swiftcloud does a lot of auto-input of signatures as well as dates, so applicants do not have to put that in every time. Overall once we got the ball rolling Swiftcloud was very easy to set up and use.

Erika at Excel Staffing


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Equal Opportunity

SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status.

We definitely discriminate by technical ability and are looking for exceptional talent & attention to detail.

Work from Home or Anywhere

Most positions have clear Key Mission Metrics (KMMs) and thus staff can work whenever & wherever they like. Deliver great work on time and we’re good, and if you don’t, being in an office won’t save you.

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