Sales Woman - SwiftCloud

Want to build a sales army for your business?

You’ll need to engineer before you start 2 critical elements:

  • Motivation, which really means the pay structure. How much will they make and exactly how / when? How are you going to track whom to pay exactly?
  • Ability. How are you going to track this?

A few tips:

  • Use Tags; any contacts captured through the form will inherit the tags of the document. The other person cannot see these tags (note: Our contacts editor has “Public Tags” (things you’re proud of, will be visible on your social profile, they are self-claimed and “Private Tags (Secret to you)”
  • You can pre-fill any variable – just add ?name=”John%20Doe” for example. You can do this with other variables by pre-pending extra_ in front of any variable – so you could for example set ?extra_fee=”20,000″ if you have a custom variable called just “fee” in the doc, and pre-fill the fee, which if you add “readonly” into the tag, would make it not-editable and still a variable, so if you have a sales team that negotiates the fee on-the-fly each time, it would be easy to still use 1 template for all clients. This is also helpful for tracking URLs i.e. track various ad sources, affiliate sources, etc.
  • Setup Branding, of course, so your look & feel matches your company and reassures clients they are in the correct place.