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Sales Lead Incubator Campaigns

Campaigns can contain any mix of the following events, each with any kind of delay – 7 minutes, 7 months, whatever you need…:

  • Messages >> Email
  • Messages >> Print + Mail (with Mail Merge!)
  • Messages >> Print / Mail i.e. handwritten thank you cards (technically, this is a task we create for you)
  • Automation: Create task
  • Automation: Move contact to other list and/or sequence

Next – a concept: short-use or “disposable” campaigns.

Example: Make a “nice to meet you at the trade show” mini-campaign that sends just 1 message, then dumps to a general “here’s who I am / what I do” campaign and to your main list(s) after applying some tags.

The best is start simple – you can revise them anytime. Here’s a great starting place campaign design for you…

Pause here to jot down your intake methods, and what you want to say to let people know what you do. Marketing tip: we want to “pour some lemon juice on their wound”, then “sell ’em aspirin.” i.e. amplify the problems you solve, then show how you solve it.

Lead Incubator Software