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SwiftCloud is here to help you grow your salon business with our powerful software. Win over new clientele as they read your glowing testimonials, market yourself to those seeking salon services, protect your business, and streamline your time.

Why is SwiftCloud the best salon software?

Turn your happy customers into raving fans to drive more business to your salon

According to research, potential clients will read reviews and make their choice of where to go for their hair needs based on other peoples’ opinions about your salon and services. You need positive reviews if you’re planning to expand your business and bring in new people. Our customer review software can turn your satisfied clients into marketing assets.

Automatically send out surveys and rating pages (1 to 5-stars, 0 to 10 ratings) and more to your clientele to prompt them to leave reviews. They can fill out forms in seconds and share them to Facebook, Yelp, Google, and other platforms, including your website.

If a customer is happy and leaves a glowing testimonial, you can have this review automatically publish so others can read about what an amazing job you did. Negative reviews will not auto-publish but instead will open up a trouble ticket so you can see why your client is unsatisfied and work to resolve the issue.

Customize your review options to include your branding, logo, color scheme, and preferred font. You can win over potential clientele when your reviews start showing up in searches related to salons.

Market to more clients, automate your management, and spend more time doing what you love — creating beautiful hairstyles, cuts, and coloring!

Protect and converse your time as a business owner by optimizing your workflow with SwiftCloud forms. If your client schedules an appointment online for a cut, trim, or coloring job, you can collect their payment in advance, then automate the process of sending out e-waivers and information docs. You can even follow up with a thank you letter for choosing your salon for their styling needs.

If you want to build upon your marketing strategies, we can help! You don’t need to know HTML to get started with our WordPress plugin. Use our drag and drop style to create customizable templates for your site, whether you want to create popups, page toppers, email signups, newsletters, surveys, special offers, or more.

Custom e-waivers don’t just protect you, but can also also be a profit center

With our e-waiver software, you can automate your marketing flow by adding signers to email and retargeting ads. Instantly look up people to see if they’ve signed their name, given their phone number, email, and date. Let SwiftCloud trigger follow-up surveys, export to marketing lists, and allow you to email from within the app.

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What do you do when a new client comes in asking for their jet black hair to become a platinum blonde? Sometimes clients will ask for help with colored or damaged hair. A color consent and e-waiver form can prove extremely helpful should this happen.

An e-waiver can help you and your client stay on the same page when it comes to your policies. It can help you solve any misunderstandings about what your client can expect before they even arise.

You can use if-then branching logic to be sure that you’re collecting all the relevant information about your client. Have a checkbox that your clients can select should they have previously colored hair and prompt them to fill out their history if they have. If a client has completely natural coloring, they can skip this checkmark and not have to waste time filling out the history portion of the e-waiver.

These e-waivers can protect you from unsatisfied clientele, should they follow through with getting a new color or a brand new cut and style despite your recommendations.

Cut down on your paperwork by getting your clients to e-sign all necessary docs — before they even arrive!

You can gather the e-signatures you need easily, using a phone, tablet, website, and more. This allows your clients to walk in the door and immediately start getting the service they’ve come for, whether that’s a trim or hair coloring.  After signing, both you and your signer will get an automatic email for your record-keeping.

When your client signs a doc, it creates a cloud established folder — a Social Shared Workroom. You can use this workroom to add any important information, sign any additional files, search records, make notes and comments, and more.Salon Software 7

You can also add pictures to your files. By storing photo IDs, you can easily verify who’s coming in and keep up-to-date with the styles they’ve chosen in the past.

If you want to use a pre-saved template to get a new client all set up and ready to go, this is perfectly possible. You don’t have to create a doc for every person that walks in. Simple update or re-use your existing forms so you can help out your walk-in clientele.

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