WARNING: Unhappy customers are 800% (8x!) more likely to share online.

Firewall your brand & retake control with Swift Reviews for WordPress

Control Your Online Reputation

Reputation Management FormSwift Reviews is your system to actively curate and generate reviews, share the good ones and investigate any less than positive ones. Swift Reviews system will help your brand reflect the good you do, by making it easier for good reviews to get shared online, helping to firewall your brand against any potentially negative reviews.

How it works:

  1. We’ll auto-create a slick star-rating form on your website for customers to leave you a review.
  2. IF the review is positive, we can optionally auto-publish, then ask for referrals to friends, with both referrer and referrals tied autoresponders. After any referrals are provided, we’ll then redirect the user to a syndication page where we’ll help guide them through one-click sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other platforms. After that, you can optionally add a photo contest / video testimonials offer (i.e. win prize X by entering our contest!) then finally bring the visitor to a final thanks confirmation page. Finally, the positive reviewers are added to a marketing list, and you get notified of the review.
  3. IF the review is negative, it is important the customer feels heard – so we’ll auto-generate a trouble ticket form, and tell the customer the issue is being escalated. The user interface is very carefully designed to make the experience feel serious and like it will get reported to a boss – this is essential for damage control and reducing the risk of further online reviews. You can then block this person from marketing lists (optional) and will get notified of the review and trouble ticket. The negative reviews are not auto-published, and you may choose to leave them unpublished at your discretion.Refer a friend form

Because unhappy customers are 8x (800%!) more likely to review online, this system helps balance your online reputation to truly reflect the many happy customers you have.

Most happy customers just smile, say thanks, and
go about their lives – and don’t review online.

Most unhappy customers go online to
vent – damaging your reputation.

Swift Reviews includes optional automation that, if the review is positive, will ask for referrals then automatically email both referrer to thank them and the referred party or parties, will help syndicate positive reviews online, and will generate microformat information (the little stars you see on Google).

For any negative reviews, the #1 goal is “damage control”, so we’ll open a trouble ticket for you to try to make it better, and work to make the customer feel heard and like the matter was escalated, hopefully before negatively damaging your reputation online via bad reviews.

A major key to online reputation is “brand firewalling” – flooding positive reviews so the effects of any less than positive reviews are minimized. Since unhappy customers are over 8 times more likely to share online, pro-actively generating referrals is essential to protect your brand – and good  business.

In addition, cycling customer success back into marketing can help your marketing overall, especially in our social, connected world.

100% GuaranteeBut don’t take our word for it… try it out!

Your investment is 100% risk-free with our zero-hassle refund policy. 

Your New Referrals & Reputation Maximizer System Includes:

  1. Reputation Maximizer WordPress Plugin. Three-click installation, auto-setup, and you’ll always have available the newest version with updates and improvements over time.
  2. Reward Top Referral Sources. SwiftCloud.io’s centralized address book will store both referrer and referred parties, which can even be synced to smart phones, export or import with other systems, and more. See top referrers, run contests, take them to dinner or otherwise keep yourself top-of-mind.
  3. Automatically follow up + Drip-Market + Mass Email Referred Parties. Currently, Swift Marketing’s advanced multi-method marketing system is the only autoresponder / email platform we support, but the system can be bridged to feed other competing systems if preferred, through SwiftForm.com’s powerful automation features. Included with purchase (sold separately for $33/mo!). Includes a starter campaign, loaded to your account which you can modify as you like.
  4. Automatically follow up + Drip-Market + Mass Email Referral Sources. Includes a starter campaign, loaded to your account which you can modify as you like.
  5. SwiftHelpdesk.com / SwiftTasks.com Reputation Maximizer package for handling any less-than-stellar reviews. This web-based helpdesk system will make it easy to keep track of any issues and delegate customer support.
  6. 10 Best Practices Guide – after you get the basics set up (usually in about 15 minutes), this system includes step-by-step guides how to get more positive reviews, more positive referrals, how to best (and automatically!) follow up with referred parties as well as referral sources to help them become raving fans – and how to best handle damage control to minimize the effects of either those rare angry people impossible to please, or outright fraudulent competitors trying to damage your online reputation.
  7. Support from real humans, based in the USA, if needed, who will provide step-by-step videos or screenshots to reach your goals for the above project
  8. Access to our Staff Marketplace or Consultant’s Network if you prefer to delegate this whole project.
  9. On-Going Updates. All future upgrades to both WordPress side and the SwiftCloud side are included –  you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest.

What if I do nothing and ignore this offer?

You’re passing up money. How much are referrals worth to you? How much is it worth to protect your brand online? Sure, you could hire a brand specialist or social media consultant – if you can afford a social media team to do all this for you, then this would just save you money (more than the cost of this system) – but if you cannot afford a whole team or choose not to, then you definitely need this.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, and for most businesses, if you generate even just one good referral per year, then you’ve paid for your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why should I buy now?
    Frankly, I hate these silly “fear of loss” techniques, so I won’t BS you: We’ll still be selling this tomorrow. The question isn’t what happens to US, it’s what happens to YOU. To your brand. To firewall your brand with hundreds or thousands of good reviews so that a few unhappy cranks don’t dent your reputation takes time. The sooner you start, the stronger your firewall – your moat – will be. You may also pick up some referrals and social traction sooner – which means more sales. How many sales do you need to generate to make this profitable?
  • microformat stars pluginWhere will reviews get syndicated?
    For now, we do our best to get reviews to your Facebook brand’s page, the user’s review shared on facebook so it’s visible to their friends (if positive), the user’s review shared on twitter (if positive), the user’s review shared on Google (if positive), microformat stars are generated (little stars you see on google’s search results), Yelp* (note they’re a bit fussy and this is optional per your settings), SwiftCloud.io, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and in future upgrades, whatever customers are asking for. Bottom line: if you’ve got positive reviews, we want the word spread far and wide.
  • How does the image / photo contest / video testimonials work?
    If the user is happy, we recommend offering a “Photo Contest” with a small prize, or video testimonials prize or thank-you courtesy gift. Note it’s important this not seem like a bribe, but more like an unexpected thank you or small prize for people taking the time to “share the love”. Your system will, optionally per your settings, create a 2nd page after the positive-review on which the user can upload photos, or upload videos to YouTube (so it’s visible to their friends!). You can then pull those down if you want to hire a video editor to compile or edit those further into marketing assets (recommended).
  • Feedback FormCan I publish only 5 star reviews?
    You have control over each and every review and whether you choose to publish it is up to you. The control panel allows you to decide whether you want any auto-publication at all (vs. all manually approved), and if on, then you can set the star-rating-threshold as per your preferences. The system defaults to 4 stars out of 5 and higher to get auto-published, but will show a private (non-published “what could have been better” for anything less than a perfect 5.0).

Get started now for just $97 /year!

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