Bloodhound sniffs out how a lead was converted into money, and how much that lead or sale cost to acquire.

Every business has one paramount metric they must track or they’ll never grow: Cost-Per-Sale.

If you could spend $100 then earn $233.72 every time you
did, how much would you spend?

As much as possible, as often as possible.

This is the science of marketing.

Whether you’re in asynchronous-sale lead generation (i.e. real estate, where the actual money happens weeks or months after lead acquisition) or direct e-commerce, your cost-per-closed-deal or cost-per-closed-sale is your #1 bottleneck to growing revenue.

The trick is tracking, and that’s where Bloodhound comes in. Bloodhound works with sophisticated tracking cookies, browser “fingerprinting”, user cohort analysis, and dynamic on-the-fly phone number replacement and email-address replacement.

Currently, it only works for WordPress, though if you have a non-wordpress site let us know and we may be able to modify a javascript based solution for you.

Bloodhound sniffs out virtually unlimited incoming initial variables, then cookies them into a session on arrival, and associates them through all methods of capture to all your capture-forms, phone numbers, and email addresses if you like.

The #1 reason most small businesses never grow is they don’t have a customer factory – a repeatable, systematized method of buying customers profitably.

Other hidden benefits embedded into the program include “sniff preservation”, so for example, a lead generated on facebook could see a matching facebook-ad-image and facebook text or imagery, while the same landing page or offer could show slight variations to users from Google, Bing, SEO, PPC, postcards, radius mailers… the list goes on and on.

Furthermore, we can then generate a single clear report about your cost-per-lead, by associating ad cost basis stored in SwiftBooks accounting. This gives you the power usually requiring a whole marketing department: your cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale.

This same tracking system can be used to track sales reps for a sales-based-agency, MLMs, franchise locations, and more. For example, a mortgage company could give each employee a single tracking URL, and throughout the entire site, the system will show that sales rep’s phone number, email, photo if preferred, about me page, and unique contact page, and all leads can either be sent to the master account tagged to that rep, or sent to that rep and viewable in the master pipeline.

This allows you to grow a sales organization to tens of thousands of people, and each will have their own version of the site – which benefits your SEO, since all people are linking to the core URL, telling Google this domain is important. Any uncredited traffic has a fallback default account – typically the site owner or internal sales team.

Each installation is somewhat customized, and requires some work to replace the tags. WordPress-based sites installation is available from $997, and non-wordpress sites are available from just $2k one-time investment.

Imagine seeing crystal-clear data like:

Your facebook campaign generated 617 leads at an average cost of $13.45 per lead, of which you closed 61 sales (10%), for a total income of $123,456, which means the cost of marketing (cost-per-closed-sale) was $134.50. Each lead from this campaign is worth $200.09 on average to you.

Obviously we can’t promise ROI like this on your campaign – but we can promise visibility, and until you have that, you are rolling the dice, hoping and praying, and relying on gut sense.

Are you willing to leave your business to chance?


To learn more, see a demo, or get yours set up, please contact us today.

Common Lead Tracking / Sales Tracking Questions about Bloodhound:

  • How many sales reps can it handle?
    Unlimited, technically, though the site would slow down over about 50,000 sales reps – plenty for all but the very largest of organization. We built this originally for a leading alkaline water MLM with an organization of over 17,000.
  • What can it replace on the fly?
    Phone numbers (which are associated back to the acquisition method), all Google Analytics tracking variables (to identify the ad creative, traffic method, etc.), cost basis (SwiftBooks accounting line-item), cohort, browser language (so you’ll know if the user’s primary language is spanish, for example), screen resolution (helpful on phones and also to guage the user’s tech savvy), email address (needed in case the user emails you, we want to associate it back to the campaign), about me / about us page, contact page (entire pages can be replaced on-the-fly, the actual URL), photo (typically used for a sales rep, but could include a logo), location (i.e. franchise location), and of course form-handling rules.
  • Can I use some other autoresponder / competitor X / etc.
    Yes; depending on the details minor additional setup fees may apply but yes. We can also capture through SwiftCRM (helpful for crediting) then post to some other system (i.e. industry-specific solutions like Calyx Point for mortgage, etc.)
  • Will it work with Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, or Program X?
    GA + Kiss, yes – any other program, most probably. The only limits are the initial incoming internet 256-character limit, which has to do with how the internet works, not us.

Still have questions? Contact us and let’s chat. This is an incredibly powerful tool and arguably the #1 problem to solve to grow any company beyond the initial referral-based small practice into a truly scalable company.