Appointment Scheduling Software for People & Assets

Let customers book appointments with you based on rules you create – with easy online payment, electronic signature, automated reminders and follow-up – or create calendars for assets (boat rentals, conference room…) and more. You’re in full control, while delegating the busy work. Sales professionals can spend more time closing and less time on phone tag. Service professionals can handle bookings with smart options for location and field appointments. Imagine saving dozens or hundreds of hours per year per worker or asset – increasing productivity and ROI while saving time.

Swift Calendar is Your 24/7 Secretary

More Sales

Eliminate Phone Tag

Save Time

Wow Customers

Fewer Errors

Integrated & Connected

Swift Calendar Features

Smart Appointment Scheduling Software

Swift Calendar is a powerful self-scheduling tool you can add to email, any website, capture forms, and/or a custom URL with automated rules, smar blocking of unavailable times, payment options & more. It’s a virtual secretary that never calls in sick and works 24/7/365.

Schedule Anyone or Anything

Schedule appointments (i.e. dental, chiropractic, services), assets (boat charters, conference rooms), or multiple workers. Easily read from multiple calendars to subtract & block times (i.e. kid’s school calendars) and allow times based on rules or another calendar. Never again double book anyone or any asset.

Smart Grouping or Spacing + Advanced Rules

Swift Calendar has the world's smartest grouping options of any automated calendar system - group by location (so all south side appointments are the same day) & allow for drive times for field appointments. Automate downtime, or group by type to allow for asset scheduling.

Automated Confirmation & Follow Up

Sophisticated event messaging campaigns allow you to confirm at time of booking, remind a both them and you a day before, SMS one hour before - then follow up after, automatically via customizable campaigns all branded to you via integration with Swift Marketing Suite.

Works Your Way

Swift Calendar can read from and export to external apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, Apple iCloud and works on your phone, tablet, desktop worldwide. Add a booking widget to any website via our free Wordpress plugin, add to email signatures, and/or instantly use your custom web URL.

Optional Payment Options

Optionally require payment for some or all booking types, set time block requirements, and trigger other actions after booking such as tasks / actions (i.e. schedule a cleaning crew). Need paperwork signed? Integrate paperless e-signature with easy integrated Swift Signature.

You're the Boss

You have full control anytime and everytime. Optionally require manual approval for each appointment, or auto-book but retain cancellation or rescheduling options. “Emergency Mode” blocks a time-range and can reschedule everything in that range for you automatically.

Customizable To You

Add your logo to brand the experience, change colors, and decide visibility options and styles to ensure you stay in control while saving hundreds of hours per year in back-and-forth, phone tag, and basic secretarial work best outsourced to your new robotic assistant.

Parties & Appointments & Multi-User Options

Swift Calendar allows you not just to schedule multiple workers, but scheduling with multiple clients or customers. Use it for many-to-one events (like a holiday party), or one-to-one events (like a dentist appointment).

Location & Time Zone Smart

Group not just by location, but automatically remind people of appointments in their own time zone for webinars, phone appointments, and travel.

Reporting & Oversight

Managers and owners can oversee productivity, review reports including location and driving distances, track profitability of cost vs. income & more.

Device Friendly

Responsive design formatting for Mobile phones, tablets, desktops and even wall TVs. Cloud-based 24/7 access, automatic backups & always the newest version.