Contact us for beta access on our electronic bill of lading software.

We can start free, run some tests, then handle payment when you’re happy. Pricing ranges based on volume, but is probably the lowest in the industry. We’re new to eBoLs but very experienced with eSign and eDocs.

We are deep into eSign and eDocs, and adding powerful new features like geo-tracking of eSign docs (show the Long/Lat at time of signature) and more.

Just send us your form, and we’ll set it up. Unbeatable pricing, all integrated into SwiftCloud’s ecosystem so you can track shippers, payments, history, notes and so much more.

Electronic Bill of Lading Software Truck

Just some of the features in SwiftCloud to help you track your eBoLs:

  • SwiftCloud is a social network, so each shipper, sender, receiver becomes a user, and thus you can see that user’s history with you. You can search that user’s files, share files back and forth, tracking progress, make notes, and more.
  • SwiftCloud automatically includes SwiftCRM, if you need it. Don’t need it, and already using some other system? Great, not a problem – it’s still there if you do, which means you have all you’d expect from a CRM – sequences of messages, automation, messaging for all your groups based on audience, and a framework for a System of Record / System of Truth for everything such as payments, problem files, rejected loads, etc.
  • All eDocs can be handled by SwiftCloud’s Electronic Signature – including recruiting of drivers, Certificates of Origin, master eBoLs, government forms for export and more. If you can do it with paper and docs, we can handle it.
  • Bill of Ladings can be stacked and grouped, pre-filled then signed, generated on the fly, generated programmatically via API.

SwiftCloud is a hybrid between software provider and custom software solutions provider, so we can help deliver a total solution.

Right now this program is still small (Electronic Bill of Ladings specifically), so you’ll get attention and results.

To get your Electronic Bill of Lading Software set up risk-free, just email us (Support@SwiftCloud.AI) the Bill of Lading form you want set up, and we’ll setup a free demo for you to try out.

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