E-Sign Act Disclosure and Agreement

Your Consent To Use Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures

The website which referred you to this page has elected to use electronic signatures as in lieu of paper as the default choice. In many jurisdictions, including the United States and European Union, electronic signature is legally the same as a paper and ink signature. Should you have any questions about these laws, we recommend seeking duly licensed counsel for the jurisdiction in which your agreements are binding. Further information can be found at

In the event enforcement is sought by either party, be advised that all signed forms are immutable, and may not be changed or altered by either party at any time. Should you wish to revoke or withdraw consent on a form, another separate agreement must be created and signed. Signed documents are held by SwiftCloud, as a neutral 3rd party, and court enforcement options are available and you should assume any and all contracts will be legally enforced if needed as per the terms of any respective agreements or contracts signed.

Federal law requires certain safeguards to ensure that both consumers and vendors have the capability to receive copies of documents upon signature and are advised of the consequences of agreeing to receive documents electronically. Federal law also requires your consent to use e-mail and electronic versions of said contract and/or agreements, disclosures, and other documents and records, herein referred to as simply “electronic documents” that would otherwise be legally binding only if provided to you on paper as a printed physical document.

Electronic Documents for purpose of this disclosure include any documents signed using the Swift Signature service. All documents once signed cannot be revoked or canceled and will be stored for a minimum period of ten (10) years, and are available to either party at any time through our electronic web portal.

Right to withdraw consent

Note you do have the right to withdraw your consent to receive and/or use electronic documents, but be advised this does not cancel or revoke any prior documents for which permission existed at that time. The legal validity and enforcement of electronic documents, signatures, and deliveries used prior to revocation of consent will not be affected. To withdraw your consent, please contact the party who referred you to this service, aka “our client”.

Right to receive paper document

You have the right to have any document in paper form, should you choose at no charge to you. To request paper documents, please contact the party who referred you to this service.

By clicking “Sign and Send” on any document posting to SwiftCloud servers, you are agreeing to the terms contained herein, and are providing your consent to the use of electronic documents and signatures, as well as e-mail or sms phone message delivery of related electronic documents. You are also acknowledging receipt of this disclosure.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Use of this Service Requirements

  1. Connection to the internet
  2. Any internet web browser with graphical interface and a pointing device, aka “a mouse” for desktop computers or a touch screen for tablets or modern phones common after 2004
  3. a PDF reader or browser capable of displaying Adobe PDF documents
  4. A printer, should you wish to print and retain a paper copy of signed documents.

Acknowledgement of your access and consent to electronic records and electronic signature

By clicking “Sign & Send” on any document posting to this service, you agree that

  • You were able to read this E-SIGN Act Disclosure & Agreement
  • Should you desire,  you were able to print on paper or electronically save this agreement for future reference
  • You have an active email on file with the referring party to this service, aka “Our Client”
  • That the device on which you indicated your agreement or signature, including both your hardware and your software comply with the terms above and were able to render the agreement in a fashion functionally equivalent to paper, and that the document agreed to was both readable and understandable.
  • That any indication of signature and/or initials in addition to information provided is wholly yours and subject to the terms above.
  • You consent to receive electronically any records, notices, agreements or disclosures made to you by our client, the referring service, during the course of your relationship with that company, subject to revocation per terms above.