Complete HR e-Docs Suite, Portal & Workplace Social Network

SwiftCloud Employee Onboarding Software is part a complete collaboration suite designed for modern workflows. Attract, identify, recruit, onboard & realize the potential of great talent faster, easier and more efficiently. Once placed, social workrooms & tasks help you develop your human capital with reviews, track KPIs / OKRs & more to help your organization thrive

Get New Staff Up to Speed Faster with SwiftCloud Employee Onboarding Software

  • Turn potential into results faster & more reliably
  • Save hours per hire on both sides
  • Improve employee experience
  • Guarantee process workflow compliance
  • Impress prospective new candidates
  • Scale up & evolve your team faster
  • Shorten time to Productivity
Employee Onboarding Software Executive Summary

SwiftCloud Employee Onboarding Software is part of a complete HRM to improve the complete team lifecycle from awareness & identification to attraction & application to hire & onboarding & finally offboard if needed. Automate & streamline even complex onboarding processes. Reduce your new hires' time to productivity, streamline output from day one, connect new hires to your ecosystem, then monitor & optimize performance KPIs / OKRs / metrics. Schedule your demo or request a call today.

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The HR Social Network Powered Staffing Platform

Slow days are rare in staffing. SwiftCloud was built for automation & streamlining to give you back hours per week so you can go home on time. SwiftCloud's complete suite of social tools allow for even advanced or highly complex onboarding with a completely customizable system. Rich in-doc options like conditional if-then logic, embed of photos or video, phone formatting and more to create onboarding workflows. Ensure consistent results, reduce errors & input, automate flows and collaborate with candidates, new hires, placement employers, internal staff, vendors and more in a single unified suite.

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Flexible, Powerful Paperless Forms & e-Sign

Still using paper or PDFs? Expensive big-brand e-Sign software that doesn't do quite what you need? We cut our teeth on medical & legal staffing and have what we believe is the world's most powerful e-Doc paperless platform. Hundreds of features based on real-world needs, completely customizable to get your candidates productive faster.

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Tech nerds to support your vision, in your language.

Get real US-based phone help, done-for-you services to import your catalog of SKU inventory, full-service e-Doc conversion and more. We want to make software so useful it "disappears"- like a doorknob you depend on and never notice, because it simply works every time. "Boring" software is good - so you can focus on what you do best - offering great care to patient animals and their human clients.

Who is SwiftCloud Employee Onboarding Software For?

Getting Your Employee Onboarding Software Set Up is Easy...

1. Request Your Setup

We'll convert your existing docs so they look and feel familiar. We can optionally import your SKUs inventory / catalog.

2. Get Concierge Help

For your first few transactions we'll be on high alert to ensure you get "over the hump" and understand the system.

3. Accelerate Your People

Start saving time, growing revenue, increasing pet owner reviews, unify communication & grow your practice.

Upgrade Your Business with SwiftCloud Employee Onboarding Software


Optionally connect an API Software Bridge or Import to integrate existing tools.

Branded To You

Make SwiftCloud your own. Your logo, your colors, your domain, and even a private server.

Works Anywhere

Works 24/7/365 securely on phone, web, tablet, kiosk, sign-pad. Even works offline.

e-Docs, Forms & e-Sign

Whatever intake forms you need, we've got you covered. Assemble Smart Docs & PDFs into Envelopes, then automate follow-up & workflows. Docs allow If-then logic, media upload & embed, automation, tagging & more.

eVerify, i9, Legal Compliance

Legal eSign for government forms, compliance checklists to ensure consistency, bundling & templates to streamline it all & automation to save you time - we do this every day & can meet your needs.

Candidates & Contacts HRM

SwiftCRM allows for tagging contacts with a complete CRM-style contact manager. Create groups, setup automation, easily see a contact's history, communicate in-app with history & notes so you have a person-first workflow.

Video Interviews & Media Uploads

Setup unlimited job interviews with a recorded video response, allow photo or video upload in any doc, then advance key candidates to live video chat for a high-efficiency touchless workflow.

Schedulers, Calendar, Sequences

Schedule interviews, then setup pre-templated sequences for orientation, onboarding paperwork, asset checkout & access. Automate checkups & follow-up, automate payment & billing, then sync events to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.

Applicant Tracking & Incubation

Automate your farming & streamline your hunting with passive candidate incubation sequences, track candidate or employer catalyst events & maintain your top-of-mind awareness at scale.

Candidate Portal & Self Service

All paperwork can be public, private, password protected so candidates can apply even over the phone. Open jobs can be SEO optimized & syndicated, candidates can apply with optional pre-interview screener questions.

Orientation & Training Tasks

SwiftTasks is powerful hierarchal project management allowing for pipelines & repeatable task templates, one-off hires, change management & more with customizable pipeline types to manage common repeatable workflows.

Learning & Compliance Systems

Setup compliance checklists, easily see if key documents were completed based on auto-tagging, offer skills assessment quizzes or tests, allow upload of credentials & licenses, track license expiration dates or continuing education & assign required classes.

Feedback, Reviews, KPI Tracking

Complete employee review, 360 review & KPI / OKR / Metrics tracking system. Turn happy candidate stories & placement success into marketing assets.

Timeclock & Timesheets

Multi-signer timesheets, simple timeclock options & even location-based time-tracking for on-site time tracking. Track PTO, benefits & more.

Invoicing & Billing

Invoice your own services or weekly payroll. Track reimbursements like parking or uniform expenses with the SwiftBooks essentials included. Track holiday gifts, meal expenses & more, linked to a contact.

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