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SwiftCloud brings extensive code and consumer best practices to any custom application. All applications are automatically formatted for a variety of devices including phone, tablets, and desktops.

Compliance standards such as DoD, HIPAA, and security clearances can be met. Our deep experience with handling of roles and social or isolated databases can provide you the real world solutions you need. Military-grade security options such as end-to-end PGP, or secure document destruction audit trails can be delivered as needed while still providing consumer-level usability and ease of adoption by stakeholders.

SwiftCloud can provide private on-premise applications, hybrid local-cloud extranets with encrypted on-premise assets providing a summary to extranet clouds, or secure encrypted public clouds with cellular dabase structures on a variety of servers.

To let us know about your RFP or RFQ, or for more information about how SwiftCloud can help your agency or department deliver efficiency, contact our team.

Options for FedRAMP Low to High & DoD CC SRG IL 2/4/5

Government & Public Sector Services 1

Legally Binding Instant Electronic Signature

Legally binding and compliant in all U.S. States and E.U. Countries and most jurisdictions around the world. Advanced options for military-grade PGP and HIPAA medical compliance on private clouds. SwiftCloud runs on 256 Bit SSL bank-grade encryption spanning multiple servers with auto backup. Docs can be signed 24/7 / any device / anywhere in multiple languages. Optionally add webcam, ID upload, photos or files uploads, mobile phone geolocation info and more. Integrate to CRM or pre-fill sales data, automate based on role for multi-party electronic signature and more. We take this stuff seriously, so if you need something you don't see, drop us a line.

Government & Public Sector Services 2

Social Workrooms

All electronic signature signed docs will automatically create a Social Shared Workroom - a cloud based folder and collaboration workroom shared between you and the signer(s). Add private notes or comments, store files, complete information forms, upload & download docs, e-sign bundles of related docs, and much more. All workrooms feature a time stamped history of the file, sharing and permissions tools to add or remove people and commenting tools to easily see account history. Of course, each party to the electronic signature will get a PDF copy emailed as well.

Government & Public Sector Services 1

Electronic Signature Your Way

The most common electronic signature type is a signable webpage, and after signature, the user gets forwarded back to your website for confirmation, or to payment. Need to get fancy, automate life, save time? Get signed PDFs, importable CSV files of all captured form data and more via email - or connect integration options to automatically post your signed docs and client or employee data into other systems. Setup signable webpages anyone can use or integrate to sales and CRM systems, HR software, and other workflows - then connection automation after signature for a complete solution.

More Swift Signature Features

Easy, Instant Electronic Signature On Any Device

Turn any document into a secure, signable, and legally binding form that you can complete over the web using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

The Best eSign Software

We aim to to be the best eSign software, bar none. Single party, multi-party, group eSign, role based automation designed for real world results.

Re-Usable Templates

Clone docs, inject variables via API, or setup templates. Avoid repetitively dragging “sign here” stickers by saving templates for instant reuse.

Workflow Your Way

Choose your implementation strategy, including email and SMS requests to URL, website embeds, co-branded links to user flows, webform feeds or use our API to set up your own.

Seamless SwiftCloud Tools Integration

Dive into the SwiftCloud ecosystem for automatic options for payments, e-commerce, invoices, sales contract management and external integrations, and more.

Legal Verification & Compliance

Rest easy knowing security and auditing mechanisms are in place for legal disputes, including 256-bit SSL, browser fingerprinting, date-time stamping, & verification options for legal compliance.

Export PDFs, Images, CSV Spreadsheets & API flow.

Export all signed documents to your system and trigger automation for marketing, sales, accounting, and task management for real-world results.

Integrate Your Systems

Integrate to your workflows with APIs (software bridge) to connect to other systems. Customize to your existing workflows. Automate & accelerate outcomes.

eSign Anywhere, Any Way

Get eSignatures via phone, web, tablet, kiosk even offline in the field with spotty mobile reception, even upload legacy paper docs. Access securely 24/7/365.


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