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Swift Marketing is a software suite and services agency focused on proactively generating demand for your products and services. Our systems leverage the industry-standard WordPress platform for front-end client-resident applications, and the entire software suite is part of SwiftCloud‘s address book, messaging, and central platform, which includes SwiftCRM hosted Client Relationship Manager, SwiftBooks accounting, SwiftTasks project management & social task tracking and much more.

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Increase Lead Generation

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Actively Create Demand

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Complete Marketing Automation Solutions

Currently, Swift Marketing contains the following Products:

  • “RAVE” – Referrals & Advocate & Viral Engagement Marketing– A “Net Advocacy Score” tracking system, referrals tracking system, as well as Referrals & Reviews Maximizer to engage happy clients to become raving fans who refer you and share online. This powerful system will also help firewall and protect your online reputation – while providing you a single actionable score for internal customer happiness and tracking promoters – customers willing to promote you and buy from you again. The Referrals & Advocate & Viral Engagement (“RAVE”) system includes a WordPress plugin plus online hosted systems for a complete solution.
  • Influencer Marketing & Press Relations Engagement Software System (“IMPRESS“) – Yet another acronym born of necessity, because the line between influencers (i.e. online bloggers, youtube stars) and conventional press (TV, radio, news outlets) has blurred and merged. Instantly adds a Press Kit & Press Room for conventional media and bloggers alike, while providing tools to help track press & influencer “earned media” opportunities to get your story out, or attach yourself and piggyback onto existing larger stories.
  • MagnetMarketing Automation Suite to guide customers back to your offers and benefits. Much more than just an autoresponder, this is a sophisticated, human-centric customer journey guide, gently nudging clients and customers with the next relevant step on a variable-schedule, multi-media (email, SMS, phone call, postal mail), tag-based system fully integrated into SwiftCloud (including not just the marketing suite, but also the CRM, invoicing & accounting, project management & more). At any time, curate an audience based on tags, then send or schedule email broadcasts or SMS broadcasts.
  • Video Marketing – add Call-To-Action (“CTA”) buttons on top of any youtube video with a variety of embed options, and optionally require registration (lead-capture) in order to proceed and watch the full video, turning any video into a complete sales-funnel intake system. In beta are tools for live broadcast (webinars, hangouts) or pre-recorded hybrid webinars with auto-scheduling.
  • Event Marketing – A complete system to leverage e-events i.e. webinars, video on demand, parties and other live events (i.e. trade shows) along with a virtual secretary to automate your calendar and appointment reminders. In beta: self-scheduling for one-to-one (consultation, dental appointment style, or asset rental i.e. conference room scheduling) or one-to-many (classes, parties).
  • Inbound Marketing – Audience and content editorial system leveraging WordPress, the world’s most popular – and powerful – blogging system. Based on the popular “hub & spoke model”, you’ll identify your audience, add lead-bait or “tripwire offers”, then feed traffic lines to it to create a sticky sales funnel.
  • Bloodhound – Ad Campaign Tracking, Sales Rep Tracking, and MLM Rep tracking with dynamic call tracking for complete cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale tracking. Works with all other plugins to provide clear insights into profitable campaigns and which ones need revision.

To get started, click any product above – you can add / upgrade / downgrade / revise your account at any time, and all products carry a 90 day zero-hassle 100% guarantee.

Swift Marketing Features

Marketing Automation

Put your marketing and lead generation on autopilot! Whether you have a startup or an active list of over 1 million, marketing automation is based on campaign triggers & events to help the highest value leads rise to the top.

Lead Nurturing & Lead Tracking

Total sales pipeline management from the pre-aware first impressions to escalation to sales teams. Automatically nurture and incubate sales leads so your sales team spends more time closing and growing marketshare.

Contact Management & Customer Journey Tracking

Unlike crude list-based autoresponders, SwiftCloud is human-centric and designed from the ground up for customer journeys. Add optional lead scoring to automatically escalate top leads and track the multiple impressions often required to win a sale.

Email Marketing Drip Campaigns & Autoresponders

Drip Marketing Campaigns and automated follow up are easy, with mixed-method / multi-channel campaigns. Include any mix of email, SMS, postal mail via API, phone call prompts on pre-designed conditional sequences.

Audience Segmentation & Audience Campaign Curation

Isolate contacts by response, geography, or other variables to focus your efforts. Once your audience is curated, send a blast email, run a survey, or design a sequence to heat up demand for your service or product.

Campaign Management & Reporting

Track both micro details on the individual level such as incoming paths to capture with both Google Analytics and other custom variables, then run reports to get a macro overview of what’s working best or what needs revision.

Inbound Marketing & Content

Powerful Wordpress plugins allow best-in-class content management & inbound marketing for a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Define an audience, create bait “tripwire” offers, add “fish hooks” entry pages or blogging and reel in your audience at lower costs than outbound media.

Integrated & Connected

Swift Marketing is part of the SwiftCloud ecosystem - so you’ve got perfectly integrated tools like Swift CRM sales tools to escalate leads, Swift Form to easily integrate landing pages and capture forms, Swift Shop for easy e-commerce, Swift Academy as a lead-generation training platform & more.

Lead Scoring & Sales Lead Escalation

Automatically track and score leads based on activity such as watching sales videos or clicking newsletter links, then when conditions are met, escalate hot leads to Swift CRM or other platforms for sales teams to work so you spend time on the leads ready to close.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the plumbing through which relationships take place online - and stepping into these channels allows your message to spread. Pickup growth and lower cost channels, promote content, track results, & schedule content

Landing Page & Capture Forms Creation

Easily add unlimited sales lead capture forms, bait offers, landing pages, marketing popups and more to any website via automated easy Wordpress plugin, or copy & paste install to other sites.

Reviews & Referral Marketing

Close the loop from customer success back to marketing by getting happy customers feedback, then automatically soliciting reviews to syndicate socially & turn into marketing assets. Optionally track and pay affiliates or off-site sales teams with dynamic website forms & tracking URLs.

Event Marketing

Automate messaging for webinars or other online or offline events like annual parties, follow up on trade show attendance or even just automate appointment reminders with event-based campaigns.

Real World Results

We don’t sell software - we sell real-world results. While the marketing automation is how we do it, we specialize in solving real-world problems. While marketing can be a fine art, real ROI is usually driven by science & careful attention to detail.

Device Friendly

Responsive design formatting for Mobile phones, tablets, desktops and even wall TVs. Cloud-based 24/7 access, automatic backups & always the newest version.


Note not all tools are public, and some are tailored to specific client needs so if you have a goal in mind, let us know and we may be able to help.