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Manage & collaborate with clients. Turn quotes and estimates into work orders in person or remotely with Sign & Pay. It's how modern work should be.

Increase your quote-to-cash with SwiftCloud Quoting Software

  • Generate Quotes Real-Time
  • E-Expand Revenue Per Client
  • Reduce Errors
  • Increase Sales Output
  • Increase Upsells
  • Easy Good / Better / Best Options
  • Impress Clients & Streamline Fulfillment
Quoting Software Executive Summary

SwiftCloud Quoting ("CPQ" - Configure, Price & Quote) Software helps sales professionals create winning proposals in real-time at speed and scale. Quotes & estimates can contain photos, video, audio, 2D drawings with custom branding. Users typically increase net profits by tracking profit margins, and more easily offering good / better / best scenarios. Clients can Sign & Pay online or off, and won estimates speed fulfillment into work orders with project integration. Request your setup today!

Quoting Software - CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) 1

Configure, Price, Quote & Close Sales Fast & Easy

Create winning estimates real-time with a client for sales collaboration so you can win sales & get commitment instantly, on the spot, then get signature & payment in one smooth session. Won quotes automatically turn into work orders, and you can integrate projects & scheduling & deliverables fulfillment in a single integrated suite.

Quoting Software - CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) 2

Clone Quotes, Copy Templates, Use Your Catalog

Copy common projects into new quotes, leverage templates, and easily get items out of your catalog even with variable pricing. Optionally track inventory, equipment rentals, schedule assets. Integrate web forms for self-serve projects or to start a quote, modify if needed, then send back to clients for signature & payment.

Quoting Software - CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) 1

Impress Clients with Sign & Pay Online, Phone & More

Clients can Sign & Pay via phone or the web, or add a kiosk for in-person Point of Sale style. Assemble orders from the quote directly, webform, point of sales style, or shopping cart - it's all integrated based on that client. Flexible & powerful, yet easy to use once it's setup.

Who is SwiftCloud Quoting Software For?

Getting Your Quoting Software Set Up is Easy...

1. Request Your Setup

We'll convert your existing docs so they look and feel familiar. We can optionally import your parts catalog

2. Get Concierge Help

For your first few transactions we'll be on high alert to ensure you get "over the hump" and understand the system.

3. Accelerate Sales

Start winning more sales, then accelerage your business by tracking profit margins, upsells, and growth.

Upgrade Your Business with SwiftCloud Quoting Software


Optionally connect an API Software Bridge or Import to integrate existing tools.

Branded To You

Make SwiftCloud your own. Your logo, your colors, your domain, and even a private server.

Works Anywhere

Works 24/7/365 securely on phone, web, tablet, kiosk, sign-pad. Even works offline.

Sign & Pay + eCommerce

Estimate a project in minutes, then email or SMS a link to Sign & Pay - even with optional recurring products. Get paid remotely or in person via card or ACH e-Check, or track offline payments.

Contact Management & CRM

All accounts including SwiftCRM essentials to store quotes by contact, then search by name, phone, company, email with optional custom fields.

Integrated Client Communication

Email, SMS, even Video Chat clients within the app, with a complete communication history with private notes, previous quotes, payment history & more.

Catalog of Parts, Services

Leverage your parts catalog, add SKUs for technicians or equipment rental with options for custom line items

Photos, Video & 2D Drawings

Embed photos, video, drawings right into the estimate so once it's paid you have a complete work order.

Client Collaboration Portal

Scheduling, payments, file uploads or deliverables, secure communication are all easy with your branded built in portal

Guided Selling Forms

Let users sketch or complete a project by connecting web forms. Clients can self-serve, or technicians can send a phone-started project for completion.

Templates & Cloning

Easily clone any previous project, setup templates & snippets, merge data from external sources into a doc to make quoting a breeze

Profit Margin Tracking

Expand your profit margin with tracking, easily offer good / better / best scenarios, increase up-sells & manage discounts when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quoting Software

What is Quoting Software

Quoting Software is as the name indicates, software made for sales professionals to generate estimates and quotes, then convert them into a work order.

How do you make Quote software in Excel?

Excel is a flexible tool, but it’s single purpose, and do what you need requires a lot of programming API “glue”. Quoting Software like that found in SwiftCloud is purpose built, and can include things like e-signature, payments, conversion to work-order, embed of photos, videos, and drawings along with all the benefits of cloud based software.

What is a Quote Management System?

SwiftCloud automatically includes lookup of quotes by name, phone, email, or custom field (i.e. license plate for auto mechanics, address for landscapers). Naturally, you can see who issued the quote and when, modify it if needed, get agreement and payment, then convert it to a work order.