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Turn Happy Customers into
Marketing Stories & More Customers!

Introducing the new system for business owners & sales professionals – the…

Reputation Management / Reviews
+ Advocate & Viral Engagement
(“RAVE”) System

This offer is “both a carrot & a stick” – using this will make you money, and failing to use it will surely cost you and possibly even ruin your business.

TIP: Start with the free Reputation Management WordPress Plugin here. We’ll charge for this soon, but for the moment, it’s free.

First, a Warning:

  • You already have an online reputation or will have one soon, whether you like it or not. You can be proactive, shape it and take control – or be a victim of it. If you already have a damaged online reputation, this system can help.
  • You will eventually get the reputation you deserve, good or bad, but without concerted effort – and a system – it will be skewed toward the negative, because unhappy people are 800% (yes, 8x) more likely to share online. Furthermore, the “weight”, the importance, of a single reviews can far exceed many positive reviews, hurting your sales.

On a more positive note…

  • “Going Viral” isn’t just a catch-phrase: we’ll show you a step-by-step system for getting your customers to refer others like themselves and self duplicate. By asking at the right time in the right way, making it just a few clicks, you can dramatically increase the percentage of customers who will recommend you online.
  • “Firewalling” your reputation can help protect you from inevitable cranks or even fake reviews from competitors, by “Flooding” Google & Bing with positive reviews about your company around the web, helping drive down any negative reviews.
  • If you’re good at what you do, the world will find out. The internet is increasing transparency and the flow of information, so if you have a superior service or product and fair prices, the tide is working in your favor.

Most business owners or service professionals simply trust “doing a good job” will be enough. It might. It might not. Are you willing to leave the well being of your business to chance?

Imagine if your customers all self-duplicated more than once

Systems like Facebook grew as fast as they did because of carefully engineering, called “viral loops” and “growth hacking” in the software industry, that get people to refer and share. The CAVE Advocate Marketing System is your chance to apply these ideas to your business – without being a software engineer.

Will it work as well? Depends.. if you sell life insurance, well, sorry, it’s not as exciting as, say, selling Ferraris. But it can still be very profitable, and ignoring this system will definitely still cost you. For even something like real estate, imagine if each time you closed a transaction, 75% of your clients referred 5 people each. If you could only help half of the people referred – 2.5 – for the 75% who referred, your business would grow by 187.5% (75% x 5 x 50%) per transaction-cycle. Assuming a 60-day transaction cycle (6 transactions + referral-batches per year), each of which compounds growth. Your business would grow by 434.5% in just the first year – and that’s just from direct referrals, not including the online reputation effect.

And all this is without spending on advertising.

Sound exciting? Now you see why facebook grew like it did – it’s not 2 + 2 + 2 + 2… it’s 2 x 4 x 8 x 16.

Let’s get to how you profit…

The Advocate Marketing system will more than pay for itself, in most cases pretty quickly. Here’s how it works:

  1. Reviews: You’ll add, in just a few clicks, a powerful customer-reviews system to any WordPress website.
  2. For any positive reviews, we’ll send the reviewer through a series of steps based on rules you create – to get referrals, to help them share online in just a few clicks, to syndicate and spread the reviews, and publish it online. Your website will show the little stars on google (“Microformats”) for any published reviews (usually only the positive ones*). Optionally add a photo & video contest (to show your product/service in action, but also for social sharing / virality), offer coupons or discounts and more.
  3. For any negative reviews, we’ll open a trouble ticket. The goal is to find out what went wrong and try to make it right.
    It is paramount to make any customers feel heard, and truly work to improve your scores. Every business, if you work with enough customers, will meet some people impossible to please – maybe the cat bit them that morning, maybe it’s not even a real customer but a competitor trying to drag you down. The goal for negative reviews is to spot any trends on areas you really can improve, do some “damage control” before your reputation is dragged through the mud, and see if you can part on neutral terms if not positive. If you don’t, you risk reviews on ripoff report, BBB and other sites – seriously costing you money.
  4. Unique URLs: Next, for positive reviewers, we’ll create a unique, trackable URL – unique to each reviewer – allowing you to optionally reward your raving fans who are truly bringing you business. These rock stars deserve your thanks and attention, and the people they refer are more likely to be people like themselves – grateful, more profitable, more fun to work with, have lower customer service costs, and more – in short, they’re higher profit better customers.
  5. Reporting & Data Mining: Last, we give you reporting and export tools, so you can export the happy customers who reviewed, and even the negative reviewers can be exported to get insights into what you want to improve at your company. The system can also export to autoresponder sequences and marketing automation.

Your New Advocate Marketing Kit Includes…

  1. WordPress Plugin, with automated setup. Install this on any WordPress site – if you don’t already use WordPress (the world’s most popular & powerful blogging platform and content management system, powering 23% of the entire web), just ask your tech team to setup with a new WordPress site.
  2. SwiftCloud’s Referral Marketing system, which combined with SwiftCloud’s autoresponders & mass email system + address book + helpdesk system gets you everything you need to make this run. We will set up your account manually, and load basic starting place campaigns into your account, and hook it to your site – so you’ll get a fully working complete system.
  3. Customer Advocate Viral Engagement System E-Book. This includes tips and tricks, benchmarks, step-by-step real-world implementation into a real business and more. Furthermore, we’ll keep it updated and you’ll always have access to updated versions.

Get Started Now

Frequent Questions & Concerns

  • What if I do nothing? What if I ignore this offer?
    I won’t insult your intelligence – we’ll probably still be selling this next week, or next year. The real question isn’t what will happen to us, it’s what will happen – or not happen – to YOU. To your business. If you do nothing, tomorrow will be like today… but ever so slowly, your competitors will pass you by. You’ll still get your die-hard fans, but what about friends of friends? Or cold leads researching you online before they call or visit? Time and Money will still be a concern, but more so – maybe it’ll be a bad review. Maybe competitors will implement this and you won’t. The real question is what you’ll gain if you implement this, and what doing nothing will cost you. Oh, and the manual setup, that definitely will go away soon, which isn’t such a big deal – you’ll just have to follow a setup guide instead of us doing it for you.
  • Yeah? Guarantee it. Take the risk away.
    Ok, no problem. 90 days. No hassle. We’ll ask a few questions, like did you actually implement it, but we’ll give you your money back for any reason up to 90 days. We’re sure this works, if you actually use it.
  • Are you guys associated with Bain & Company’s “The Ultimate Question”, or “Net Promoter Score®” or those systems?
    No, but we admire their work and highly recommend buying their book (or audio book on – it will help you get more from this system, and help your company grow. Note Net Promoter®, Net Promoter System®, Net Promoter Score®, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.
  • Is this system based on other work?
    Glad you asked – this system bakes in a decade of related work ranging from Tom Hopkins, to Brian Buffini “By Referral Only” real estate systems, to “The Viral Loop”, even “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazi, research by BNI (Business Network International) referral networking systems into a single delightful dish that’s easy to implement. SwiftCloud was started by a former real estate agent & mortgage lender, and this is just the system he wished he’d had and so he spent the time and money building it.
  • Is this Online Reputation Management?
    It helps. Legally, reviews are property of the original writer, so should you ever get “shaken down” on the classic protection racket, wherein some party offers to make bad reviews go away for a price, then that means they posted them, and you’re dealing with (A.) a mafioso-type, and (B.) they may well be back for more, or secretly tell some other friend you paid up and therefore may pay again. It’s just a sad reality of today’s world – so proactively managing your reputation is key. Online reputation management generally uses a few tactics – specifically, “flooding” i.e. overwhelming bad reviews with good ones, and also flooding bad-review-sites or damaging-sites off page one of google by using social media platforms (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.) which rank highly on their own, microsites (i.e. YourSite.Net or .info or .org) so when people google your brand, they hopefully see only either properties you control (i.e. not just your domain, but YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc.). In rare cases, one can pursue legal measures to remove damaging content, however, that’s dubious and unlikely, as the hosted site will usually claim safe harbor / framework laws i.e. that protect a bulletin board owner from some of the posts on their site.
  • Not publishing ALL reviews sounds dodgy and not representative, you should be ashamed.
    We empower the site owner. If you want to publish 1 out of 10 / .5 stars of 5, good on you. You are in full control over what reviews get published or not published, and can manually approve or remove any review at any time. That said, if you get a bad review, it’s not just karma – it’s about truly improving your business. Some companies get away with terrible practices because there’s no other viable alternative, and frankly, those companies probably won’t ever buy this system. We strongly recommend you (1.) truly try to make it right when you get a bad review, both for “damage control” to online reputation but to minimize the bad will and at least part neutrally, (2.) make the customer feel heard, or you can bet they will go post online, and (3.) look into any bad-review trends as something to improve systematically. To that end, we look at a bad review as the beginning of a new conversation, so we can choose not to publish them while we investigate and communicate with the customer. All of this is based on settings in the system.
  • Will this make my site go viral?
    Nobody can promise that, and anyone who does is a charlatan selling snake oil. Whether people choose to share your site depends on a lot of factors – is it funny? interesting? truly an amazing deal you’re giving away? Will it make them look good or bad for posting it? Sites like Debt Settlement rarely get re-posted, because frankly people don’t want to advertise they had a problem with debt, they’re usually embarrassed about it. Buying a new car, well, that’s something to be proud of – and makes them look good – and is thus more likely to go viral especially if attached with a gift and fun photo. Life insurance is pretty boring to some – but baby photos and a $50 donation to the baby’s college fund is fun, charming, relevant, and something a proud parent may get behind and share.
  • Can I choose where the reviews go?
    Yes, we have a long and growing list we’ll work to syndicate to, including industry-specific sites like (real estate marketing), RealSelf (plastic surgery marketing), and others. You have full control, and can change these settings anytime.
  • Will the reviews be automatically syndicated?
    For some but not all sites. Others will happen with a single click by the user – for example Facebook sharing, that requires being logged in as the reviewer. Others we are still programming on and we’ll just work to make it as easy as possible. We also make it easy for you or your staff to share these manually. Note these systems are outside our control, and for some, i.e. Yelp, it may be against their terms of service (to actively request reviews from customers is against their ToS), so how you choose to navigate that is up to you. More *real* reviews and potential new users is good for Yelp and I’m sure they won’t mind, but I’m not king and that’s up to them. We do try to automate and make things easy.

Have some other questions? Contact us and we’ll update this page.

If you’re unsure – remember we’ll have a zero-hassle 100% guarantee for 90 days. Just jump on in, get started, and if you have any problems we’ll get it resolved or refund your money.

To get started, add this Reputation Management WordPress Plugin to any WordPress site, connect some web forms for good & bad reviews, and you’ll be all set in minutes.