SwiftCRM = Small Business Customer Relationship Manager

Reduce Time to Close

Easy Estimates & Invoices

Always Know What's Next

Social Contact Management

Wow Customers & Clients

Increase ROI

You’re busy. The last thing you need is another software program to keep updated.

SwiftCRM side steps conventional CRMs, so you automate more, and send emails, calls, and postal mail right through the application – so you never have to copy & paste.

Furthermore, it’s the #1 most customizable sales dashboard in the industry, so you or your team will feel right at home, with language, labels, statuses, and deal flow that match your systems. We believe software should conform to humans, not the other way around.

Grow Faster, Increase leads ROI, Save Time With Sales Automation & More

Swift CRM Features

Social CRM in the Cloud

Social CRM means each potential sale automatically includes a single merged online discussion / chat / email hub, but also allows you to see social network activity for opportunities & engagement clues.

Contact Management with Account History

Manage accounts and contacts with complete account and product purchase history timelines. Share contact records with your team or keep private when preferred. Import contacts, pipelines, sales leads, and more.

Sales Automation & Conditional Workflows

Setup communication templates, sales agent scripting hints, automated triggered messages via email, SMS or postal mail or prompt phone call reminders. Fully automated followup with natural-language handling in beta via SwiftCloud.ai

Instant Estimates, Invoices & Winning Proposals

Powerful online proposals with easy templates re-use offer alerts and stats when viewed or commented. Easily generate invoices & estimates with the included Swift Invoice tools - then get binding agreement with Swift Signature.

Seamless SwiftCloud Tools Integration

100% marketing integration to create & nurture sales leads in Swift Marketing, track fulfillment or installation projects with Swift Tasks, train sales staff with Swift Academy and more - all perfectly integrated and ready to use.

Social Sales Collaboration Workrooms

Every potential sale is automatically a social workroom. Allow vendors to upload docs, email or live chat with clients or prospects, track multiple decisionmakers, schedule calendar events, collaborate with real-time file sharing & more.

Integrated Communication Dashboard

Live chat, Integrated 2-way email piping, optional SMS in-line integration, optional phone call / dialer integration with recorded calls and even printed postal mail options for legal disclosures - all in a single easy timeline with time-date stamping for oversight, training, and accountability.

Lead Distribution, Shark Tank, & Nurturing Pool

Focus your sales closers on the highest value sales leads. Automatically retract inactive leads into a “shark tank” for hungry reps to work. Setup rules to distribute sales leads by time zone, language, and more. Import via web forms, CSV spreadsheet, live transfer, API, or social connector.

Reporting & Forecasting

Performance tracking & employee reviews tools. Forecast revenue based on pipeline status. Fully integrated with SwiftBooks accounting, SwiftTasks project management & more so managers and owners can associate time & cost to outcomes, project results, review performance pull-through & more.

Deliver Happiness with Swift Tasks & Swift Helpdesk

The sale is just the beginning, and integrated task and helpdesk management can speed delivery project-templates - or deliver customer training via Swift Academy. Once your clients are happy, automate referral generation & online social reviews via Swift Marketing.

Action Based, Human-First Design

We believe human habits are harder to change than software - so when possible, we make the software conform to you and your business. Customize labels, and always have crystal clear guidance as to the next step of any sale - then put systems on autopilot to grow revenues.

Device Friendly

Responsive design formatting for Mobile phones, tablets, desktops and even wall TVs. Cloud-based 24/7 access, automatic backups & always the newest version.