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Executive Summary

SwiftCloud includes a talent freelancer marketplace as well as tools for freelance workers to grow an agency or business. To get started, you just need to log in, create your profile, and create some listings of what you do. It really is that simple.

1. Top Freelance Talent

2. Pre-Priced, Hourly, or Bids

3. Results Focused Workflow

How can you use our SwiftCloud marketplace?

Staffing Automation Made Easy

Staffing & HR Automation Software 1

Do you want an army of people promoting your skills & services?

Of course you do! They get paid 10% on any sale — and we get paid 5% for hooking it all up — so if you sell a service for $100, you'll get $85. Make sure you price your work accordingly. This also means you can refer other tasks that are symbiotic to your own and earn some money, or fill some downtime by promoting tasks online. You can even sell your own tasks and earn that commission on your work!

Staffing & HR Automation Software 3

Integrated to SwiftCloud & ready to grow your business

SwiftClock is wholly integrated into so there are no import or export hassles. It's all under one roof — billing, marketing, accounting, and more. Still want to export? We've got you covered with a variety of formats and APIs. It's easy to get started with SwiftClock. Just add in clients and start tracking! Ready to add staff and build an agency? Add your team, define pay-rate vs. bill-rate, set your company logo and branding, and you're on your way to world domination.

Staffing & HR Automation Software 3

For new sellers...

... we reserve the right to hold funds for up to 90 days. This is rare! However, it is necessary for fraud prevention. If you're legitimately providing real services to real clients, this won't affect you, so don't worry! However, it definitely affects the scammers or those who are using stolen credit cards.

What does Swift Staff Offer?

Freelancers, Temps, Agencies & More

Swift Clock fits your needs. Whether you're a solo freelancer, an agency, a law firm, or simply an employer looking to track staff time and attendance. Pass-through billing allows margin tracking of costs vs. billing.

Increase ROI & Billable Hours

Most freelancers understimate time worked and lose out on hours per day in billing revenue. Track exact time to tasks, add phone calls and time spent on emails. You'll increase net billing and have the proof to command higher rates.

Easy Invoicing & Credit Card Payments

Convert time records into a timesheet in just two clicks. Add optional expense or mileage reimbursements, and send an invoice in seconds. Recipients can pay via credit cards with easy integration with paypal, stripe, and more.

Real Time & Auto Updates

Clients, managers, and others can see real-time status via their account portal. With Swift Tasks integration, get as little or as many details as you want automatically. Track notes, reimbursements, expenses, and more as they occur.

Serious Profits for Enterprise

Grow your bottom line with agency tuning by paying staff to the minute, but billing to the rounded-up 1/4 hour, tracking GPS locations of workers and IP address to check worker location and other advanced tools to keep your profits high.

Reporting, Tracking & Results

Auditable timecards, manual adjustment overrides, and online discussion can keep things moving. Fully integrated into SwiftBooks accounting, SwiftTasks project management & more. Mangers and owners can associate time & cost to outcomes, results, review performance pull-through, and more!

OS-Native Tracking

Optionally provide management and client oversight with screenshots, mouse and CPU activity, URLs visited and more with our OS-native (Windows, Mac) time tracker.

Globally Friendly

Track time accurately in any time zone, pay workers in different currencies than what is billed to clients, customize date and number styles to suit langauge and location to work and bill globally.

Device Friendly

Responsive design formatting for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and even wall TVs. Cloud-based 24/7 access, automatic backups, and always the newest version.

Staffing & HR Automation Software 7

Guaranteed Value Investment

We aren't happy unless you're happy. Our software should give your company 100% ROI — in fact, we guarantee all service for 60 days with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Staffing & HR Automation Software 7



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