Complete Veterinarian Software Suite + Client Social Network Portal

Online Self Scheduling, Secure Communication, Online & Offline Payments, Video Chat Telemedecine & More. Everything you need for the modern veterinary practice, with your familiar eDocs & workflows converted to digital.

Go Home On Time with SwiftCloud Veterinary Software

  • Save Hours per week guaranteed
  • Offer better care with less work
  • Get paid easily & reliably
  • Optimize & grow your practice
  • Impress clients & streamline operations
  • Make remote & after-hours work easier
  • Automate & optimize your practice
Veterinarian Software Executive Summary

SwiftCloud Veterinarian Software is an all-in-one suite designed for the modern practice. SOAP PIM, X-ray & images storage, complete invoicing, billing, point of sale, client portal, scheduling & calendar, Video telemedicine, SMS, Email, Phone. eDocs with eSign is fully integrated, but flexible image upload allows scans or hybrid workflows. Vets can import a catalog of products, track patient history. US-based support; mobile friendly; kiosk / tablet enabled. Request your demo today.

Veterinarian Software 1

One Platform = Seamless Patient Data & Experience

We imagined a dream veterinarian system, then built it. One cohesive system to handle the complete care cycle from marketing, to appointment scheduling, to intake paperwork, to care delivery, to prescription & follow-up management through to happy-client reviews and referrals. SMS, Email, Call, or Videochat patients right from within the app, then see a complete history anytime. Advanced options like recurring billing for memberships or autoship prescriptions can grow your revenue.

Veterinarian Software 2

eDocs & eSign + Hybrid Paper Options

Still using paper? SwiftCloud's leading e-Sign & e-Docs system offers a complete patient-centric / client-centric system and allows for scanning of offline paper docs. If you've been meaning to migrate to the cloud, but haven't replaced the clipboard yet, SwiftCloud was built for you. We can convert your intake forms & paperwork to e-Docs at no extra charge, to be filled out remotely in advance through your client portal and/or in-office on a tablet or kiosk; e-Docs can even be partly filled out if you start a document over the phone.

Veterinarian Software 1

Tech nerds to support your vision, in your language.

Get real US-based phone help, done-for-you services to import your catalog of SKU inventory, full-service e-Doc conversion and more. We want to make software so useful it "disappears"- like a doorknob you depend on and never notice, because it simply works every time. "Boring" software is good - so you can focus on what you do best - offering great care to patient animals and their human clients.

Who is SwiftCloud Veterinarian Software For?

Getting Your Veterinarian Software Set Up is Easy...

1. Request Your Setup

We'll convert your existing docs so they look and feel familiar. We can optionally import your SKUs inventory / catalog.

2. Get Concierge Help

For your first few transactions we'll be on high alert to ensure you get "over the hump" and understand the system.

3. Accelerate Sales

Start saving time, growing revenue, increasing pet owner reviews, unify communication & grow your practice.

Upgrade Your Business with SwiftCloud Veterinarian Software


Optionally connect an API Software Bridge or Import to integrate existing tools.

Branded To You

Make SwiftCloud your own. Your logo, your colors, your domain, and even a private server.

Works Anywhere

Works 24/7/365 securely on phone, web, tablet, kiosk, sign-pad. Even works offline.

Patient Management

Complete PIM with SOAP notes & more. Search contacts, email or SMS directly in-app, add X-Rays & photos, see payment history & schedule, secure portal collaboration & Video Telemedecine

Billing & Invoicing

Get Cards, cash, ACH e-Check, offer payment plans & manage subscriptions. Estimates, invoices, receipts, integrate to SwiftBooks Accounting or for export. Invoice from catalog and manual input.

Scheduler + Calendar

Save time with online scheduling, automated SMS & email appointment reminders + follow-up for reviews, referrals. Track multiple calendars. Timeclock available with HR suite for PTO.

Telemedicine + SMS + Email

Integrated communication with snippets & templates; single integrated client-centered history with email, SMS, phone & video telemedicine. Automated reminders & sequences, phone IVR.

eDocs & eSign

Complete Paperles / Touchless eDocs & eSign system to replace your clipboards - handle client intakes in advance. Sign & Pay via phone, tablet, kiosk, PC. Even upload offline paper.

Inventory Management

Track SKU depletion & generate orders from your catalog. Offer variable volume-based pricing, subscriptions with shipping. Automatically integrates to online store e-Commerce & point of sale.

Prescription Processing

Compliance checklist systems for in-clinic prescriptions + tracking by bar code. Automate refill reminders. Customizable workflows & audit trail, patient doc automation.

Imaging & X-Rays

Store any digital asset into client's files - audio, video, photos, x-Rays, PDFs, scans of paper forms, all time-date stamped. Client intake forms save automatically into patient records.

Portal + Online Store + POS

Your client portal has scheduling + eCommerce, eDocs; FAQs, Support Helpdesk, Store, integrated to in-house Point of Sale & Invoicing + patient history.

Reviews & Referrals Suite

Turn happy customer stories into marketing asset, syndicate positive reviews to the sites that matter most, diagnose truth with detailed reviews & open a ticket to learn areas to improve if needed.

Location Services + Dispatch

GPS to patient locations, track site visits. Track asset locations for key equipment, setup after-hours emergency routing rules. Emergency triage bot response.

Marketing Suite

You do great work - let the world know & expand your marketshare & territory with online tools to help publicize your care services. Websites, landing page add-ons, email, social & more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quoting Software


What is Veterinary practice management software?

Veterinary practice mangement software is, as the name implies, everything a veterinarian needs to run a clinic, which typically includes patient information (“PIM”), treatment planning, scheduling of proactive services and increasingly telemedicine for pre-diagnostic or off-hours remote emergency services or follow-up. Also included are health records and history, SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) notes, client billing, and marketing

Can SwiftCloud handle pet boarding?

Yes! You can (and should!) easily & automatically add a photo on your intake forms, for easy check-in & check-out. Use “Custom Assets” to setup a cage or pen and track availability, even add additional upsells like client webcam or special requirements. Turn fun pet photos into marketing assets to win more referrals & reviews + showcase your expertise.

Is there a reporting module?

Yes, and we are continuing to refine the “Swift Radar” suite, which allows you to create a custom dashboard & present information as needed, whether it be a leaderboard of patients on calendar for the day or financial reporting of clinics. Let us know what information you need to see and we can set it up in your account, including with “TV Mode” so it can be on the wall in a reception area if desired.

Do you have a self check-in Kiosk / Tablet / Function?

Yes, you can setup an inexpensive tethered or location-locked tablet, or mount with a kiosk stand. Clients can check in, pay bills, even start SOAP intake forms for you to take over and complete.

Can I voice transcribe my notes?

Yes! Using a tablet or phone you can use the built-in mic, or use the in-app mic with transcription, or even record videos. All media is automatically stored into the patient history and of course is time-date + location + user stamped.

Can I customize SwiftCloud Veterinarian Software?

Yep! SwiftCloud Veterinarian software is a “deep dive configuration” of a larger multi-industry system (including human health care), and is highly customizable. Just let us know what you need, though we have a set of industry pre-sets & assets we load to start off. We also want to setup your existing paperwork, labels, SKUs, and systems so that it feels like home right out of the gate. Whever possible, we’ll try to replicate your existing workflow. We have custom fields in contacts, unlimited customization on docs and forms, custom asset types & more.

Will the scheduler work with Google, Apple, or _____ ?

Yes, Yes, and Probably. Let us know. A scheduler needs to have 2 parts: 1. Availability rules (i.e. are you open Mon-Fri 9-5? You can set the rules), and then we (2.) “blacklist out” existing appointments so you don’t get overlap. We can also prioritize days, allow lead-times, and help reschedule if needed. The automation system will confirm appointments however you like, then follow up after automatically.