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SwiftCloud is here to help you grow your medical spa business and we’ve brought our powerful software with us.

What makes SwiftCloud the right choice for spa software?

Gain new clients using the power of positive reviews

Research shows that customers read reviews and make decisions regarding where to go according to other people’s opinions. With technology so widely used it’s crucial you have positive reviews online to gain new clients. Our customer review software can help bring customers searching for a medical spa to your business

Gain customer testimonials that automatically publish to your site, then use our one-click share to add them to Google, Yelp, and Facebook. If a person leaves negative comments, they review doesn’t auto-publish, rather it will start a support ticket so it is possible to get in touch with any unsatisfied client to resolve the issue.

Our client review program is highly customizable so you can include your logo, branding, preferred font, and colors when sharing your reviews. The software lets you create client care surveys from many different templates, to see how you’re doing. Win over customers as soon as they see others’ positive feedback in searches connected with medical spas.

Get e-Signatures Fast to Cut Down on Your Paperwork — Even Before Your Client Arrives! 

Gather your e-signatures with ease via phone, tablet, website and more, so you can get your clients in for service as quickly as possible. After signed, you and your client will get an automatic email for your own records.

The system also generates a Social Shared workroom — a cloud established folder that you’re able to collaborate on. From the clients’ shared workroom you can add pertinent info, sign any additional files, search records, make notes and comments, and much more.

Our e-sign program allows you to add pictures into the file for simple verification. Adding photo ID along with other relevant information to the customer’s profile makes it simple should you ever have to call on the info later on. 

You are able to use a pre-saved template for fast verification of a new customer! It’s not necessary to re-write, or create a new document for each customer — simply update or re-use your existing waivers and forms allowing you to quickly help your walk-in clientele. 

Improve Your Legal Protection By Utilizing Custom Spa e-Waivers

Waivers are a simple and effective tool to guard your medical spa from potential legalities. Its industry-standard to use waivers to limit your liability in regards to potential harm from infections, minor cuts and more. Keep your clients on the same page by personalizing your e-waiver utilizing easy-to-understand language so that you know clients are in full understanding of the common risks associated with using your medical spa services.

When creating your online customer workflow, you can implement your own if-then branching logic to be sure clients are utilizing the right forms. If a user were to click they have a relevant medical condition they’d be prompted to complete an extra form or waiver you set in place, whereas the other client who clicked no would proceed to the next step. These automated systems are easy to use and they ensure no additional steps are forgotten by your staff.

Spend More Time Helping Your Clients By Optimizing Your Work Flow

With SwiftCloud forms, you can maximize your workflow to protect and conserve your time as a business owner. If your customer registers for an appointment online, you are able to collect payment upon scheduling. When the payment is collected our forms will walk your clients through the waiver and contract process, as well as following up with a thank you note for choosing your spa.

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Looking to increase your clientele? Within minutes it is possible to collect new enthusiastic members utilizing our website integrations.

Don’t know how to use HTML programming? No problem, just use our WordPress plugin that installs in seconds. Our plugin includes a drag and drop style to drop pre-made customizable templates on your site. Create popups, page toppers, email signups, newsletters, surveys, special offers and so much more!

Risk-free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel at any time. 
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Updating your medical spa business is simple, and we can help you get set up with exactly what you need. Whether you would like to make the most of our simple e-signature waivers, protect your time spent on paperwork and client management, or simply take advantage of positive customer reviews, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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