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Managing Your Sports League Docs Can Become So Much Simpler

You can send out links for signatures on any platform, facebook, email, text and your league will be able to sign them from any device. Our e-signature works with tablets, phones, and traditional computer sites.

Upon signing, you’ll each get a copy of the form for your records, but if needed you can download them later using the shared workroom. All signed documents instantly create a Social Shared Workroom where you can comment, ask for additional files, and store and download files between you and your signer(s).

One of our unique features is adding additional attachments in the waiver, if you need to attach receipts, ID verification, immunization records you can link it to the waiver to save in the signer’s profile for future reference. This makes it easy to keep track of who is over 18, legal guardians, and who are legally signing your documents.

No need to stress about creating a new document, simply save your template and re-use it for all your clients. This saves you time from dragging and dropping sign here forms or rewriting entire forms.

Protect Sports League from Potential Injury Claims with e-waivers

e-Waivers are the number one tool to shield your sports league from common injuries. It may limit your liability when it comes from strains and sprains to bruises and cuts. Our forms are completely customizable and you can use simple language so you and the signer have a full understanding of the risks that may be associated with any sports activities.Sports League Software 6

You may use our if-then branching logic to be sure clients are currently utilizing the right forms. For instance, if a person clicks they have a current medical condition they’d be linked to complete an additional waiver and to attach doctors’ notes to the document, whereas the individual with no condition would proceed to the step using the smart if-then system. This ensures that you don’t miss any important information from your participants.

You Can Optimize Your Workflow — Letting You Spend More Time with Your Athletes

With SwiftCloud forms, you can reduce the time you spend on your workflow. You can collect payment and a signature at the same time using our form services. After the payment has processed it will send the signer to the signature page to acknowledge and accept your agreement. Last but not least your signer will be sent to a thank you page. 

Looking to improve your revenue? We’ve got you covered! Use our systems to generate customized made customer offers, produce popovers, web page toppers, and email sign-ups. 

It’s not necessary to use HTML programming, simply install our WordPress plugin. Our plugin includes an easy to use drag and drop style format, which is stocked full of templates that are customizable for popups, newsletters, surveys and much more!

Your Fans Can Share the Word to Bring in More Athletes

Research shows that customers make decisions based on online reviews and referrals, so utilize our customer review software to drive more people wanting a sports league to you. With everything being online and on social platforms it is crucial that you optimize and manage your reviews. Sports League Software 7

Use our automated review software to gather and manage customer feedback. You can set up the system so your positive reviews automatically publish and use one-click sharing features to send it to Facebook, Google, Yelp and others. Negative reviews and comments get filtered into a support ticket system where you can review it and use it as an opportunity to reach out to anyone less than satisfied to resolve the situation prior to publishing.

Our templates are highly customizable, they link to your sites URL, you can upload logos and another branding. Make sure to generate customer response surveys using gorgeous templates to obtain honest feedback using a star rating or a scale of your choice. Increase traffic to your site by having responses and star ratings show up in searches related to sports leagues.

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