Dog w/ Ball - Sales e-Contracts

We’ve all been there if you’re in sales:
waiting for contracts to get signed and returned.

Worse, some don’t come back.

There’s a solution: never chase a contract again.
Get contracts e-Signed instantly before clients even get off the phone.

According to research by Barilliance, over 75% of shoppers leave sites without finishing a purchase. Without a legally binding signature, your sale is no safer than these lost shopping cart items. 

Why do contracts slip into purgatory?

Cart Abandonment 

Cart AbandonmentUntil clients feel the ah-hah moment of ownership, of getting the full benefits of your product when you can move them into your tribe or raving fans, they’re still on the fence and easy to lose. The more time you allow between verbal commitment and actual binding commitment – collecting signatures and money – the greater the chance of losing the sale. A client who agrees verbally but hasn’t yet taken the steps to commit is “barely in”, still loitering in the doorway.

Clients get calls from competitors. They decide to shop around. They tell a spouse or business partner who has an uncle’s neighbor’s dog’s former owner who also is in your business and offers a great deal. 

Anything that adds friction to your sales machine is killing profits.

Giving you a commitment should be as easy as you can possibly make it. Amazon patented, and reaped billions from the one-click checkout. We want to add that same level of speed and simplicity to your business.

If you’re still using PDFs someone has to physically sign, the hassle around this causes at the very best delays for minutes, and more commonly, costs hours or causes a lost sale. Printer jams, paper lost, taking photos or scanning, faxing paper back is as dead as 8 track.

Even competing e-Sign systems that require you to hand-generate a contract, drag in stickers, email it out are slower than they should be and still cost you lost revenue.

Contracts in SwiftCloud can be instantly generated using checkbox or dropdown logic in seconds, designed for real-time use over the phone.

For a well-tuned business, losing one sale means losing many referrals downstream.

Getting documents signed immediately can mean the difference between landing a sale and losing one. Losing a new contract sucks, but it’s actually even worse than just the immediate lost revenue – you’re losing out one someone who may have become a raving fan and referral source. You’re losing referrals, repeat business, and positive reviews that you would have turned into marketing assets. Some of those referred clients turn into more referrals, who turn into more referrals… and that’s how sales momentum is won or lost.

TIP: After the sale is committed, automate these referrals and reviews using our “RAVE” Reviews system.

Naturally, we sell what we think is the very best solution, designed for exactly this. If you’re still not sold on why use Electronic Signature, check out our aptly named

A better way:

Generating a beautiful, powerful proposal and contract should take minutes in most cases. We handle this day in and day out, and can track each sales rep, ad sources, add or remove paragraphs or portions on the fly based on checkboxes in the CRM, if-then logic within the doc, a chatbot, webform or other systems. Prices can calculate on the fly, and the whole experience can be a collaborative real-time web experience that allows the customer to play with scenarios and end with a done deal – a signed contract, all real time, on the phone, webinar, or in person. 

Maximizing Revenue

Fan of Money - e-ContractsSome industries have more salesperson’s discretion than others, with more variable pricing. Some are totally dependent on calculators – say, square inches of a window plus frame cost plus base price plus install costs from a few possible types plus distance to a location.

Some industries however, allow for a wider range of salesperson’s discretion, and for that we use multipliers with a default of 100%. Is this a large Fortune 500 company, flush with cash, or a client you think might be a pain in the fulfillment department? Adjust the price variation controls to 300%. Is this your college buddy you want to hook up, or a dud eyesore of a truck you want off the lot? Drop it to 20%, and it will affect only portions you have decided as variable while still protecting your margins.

Whatever industry you’re in, we can help make your sales contracts faster, smoother, and more profitable.

How to implement e-Contract Automation:

  1. Grab some recent contracts and a highlighter. Mark up the parts that change in the document.
  2. Get mentally clear about the logic behind each of those changes. Some are tiny and simple – name, company name, etc. Others may not be so clear, but perhaps you can break them into guidelines (i.e. large company, small company). Others may be of the “If X, then enable Y” variety i.e. if installation is ordered, add this clause or forms or set of pages to the contract.
  3. Choose a vendor. Naturally, we believe it should be us, and we’ll make it easy. Talk to us, request a demo, or just sign up and start uploading things and play with it risk free.
  4. Next, implement the logic. Will sales start on the phone? Do you have a CRM, or do you just shoot from the hip using paper? Whatever you’re doing now we can help map an easy transition. We can help, or turn your web developer on to our support options to dig into APIs and other ways to streamline your sales.
  5. Last, examine the practices of your very top performing sales agent (which might be you), and start growing and optimizing. Videos can be added into any doc or sales flow, and video can sell for you 24/7/365, never needs a day off, can be viewed millions of times, can record your best agent on their best day. The one thing video cannot do is listen – but SwiftCloud can. We can setup chatbots, if-then logic, webforms, and other connections to help grow sales, reduce lost sales, and increase your profits.

TIP: Start with the basics then make it better over time. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, but know we do this all day, every day, and whenever possible we’ll try to leverage existing patterns and habits, so step 1 is usually converting existing systems with the least change and disruption possible, then growing from there.

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In most cases, you’ll just start uploading to the cloud drive, which will get converted to editable docs. Our support team can help you with the logic or calculations, and we’ll help you create a workflow.

In most cases everything is up and running within a few days, and in all packages have a risk-free guarantee. You have sales to gain and nothing to lose.

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