New Hires Taking Too Much Time to Adjust? Streamline Your Process. 5

When you hire a new employee for your business, you spend a lot of time getting them prepared. There’s paperwork to fill out, introductions to make, and responsibilities to assign.

Quit wasting valuable time with tedious paperwork — use automation to onboard your new hires before they even start their first day.

Based on research, it can take more than a year before a new employee is “fully productive”. Without a proper onboarding procedure, you’re losing out on a lot of potential value for months or longer. 

Why does it take so long to onboard an employee?

Time Spent AdjustingNew Hires Taking Too Much Time to Adjust? Streamline Your Process. 6

When your new hire starts, they’re going to need some time to adjust to the company. They have to get to know everyone and learn what everyone else’s duties entail so they know who to turn to if they need help with a task. There is also the time spent asking questions and learning where everything is. They might also feel uncomfortable, wondering if they’re doing their job right.

Anything that takes away from optimum workflow is cutting into your company’s productivity.

Getting an employee adjusted to their new work environment should be as simple as you can possibly make it. We want to add simplicity and speed to your new hire experience. 

If you’re still using paperwork that your new employee has to physically fill out and sign on their first day, then you’re wasting valuable time that could be used in more efficient ways. And even if you’re waiting to introduce your new hire to the rest of the team, you’re still losing out on potential productivity. 

Using SwiftCloud’s employee onboarding software can make it easy to generate paperwork that can be e-signed, send out welcome emails to introduce your employees to their co-workers and supervisors, and help get them set up to manage their own paperwork so all information is always up to date. 

For a business that’s operating at a productive level, wasting time and resources can mean losing out on profits. 

Getting your employee seamlessly onboarded can mean the difference between having them working at their fullest potential sooner rather than later or spending weeks, months, or longer on getting them integrated into your business properly. Physical paperwork can be damaged, lost, or take forever to fill out. Then you have to file it, update it when something changes, and keep it organized so you can pull it out when needed. Waiting to tell your employee about their responsibilities can mean losing valuable time they could have spent adjusting to their new role. 

We sell a solution that’s designed specifically to solve these problems. If you’re not sure about Employee Onboarding Software, take some time to read what it can offer:

An Easy Fix:

Generating auto-send offers to your new hires, whether they’re full-time employees, contractors, or freelancers should be an easy process. Same with automatically generating and sending the paperwork for them to sign with an electronic signature. Also, sending them introduction emails that go over your other employees and their duties, a comprehensive list of their personal tasks, and a welcome aboard email should take little time. Send their I-9 tax documents before their first day, and invite them to customize and brand their self-service portal that lets them input their information and keep it updated. 

Focus on the person, not the paperwork

New Hires Taking Too Much Time to Adjust? Streamline Your Process. 7

Relationships are important. According to research from Gallup, individuals who have a friend at work are usually more engaged, productive, and successful. By sending the necessary paperwork ahead of time along with a list of their first-day tasks and a welcome-to-the-company email, you can focus on developing a good rapport when they get started. Make it easy to form connections so you can improve the way your business runs and have a higher retention rate. 


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It’s not difficult to switch to our way of thinking. 

In most cases, getting set up with our software can be done in a manner of days. Our support team can help you with any questions and help get you started. All packages have a risk-free guarantee. You have the chance for more productivity and happier employees, so don’t wait. 

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