SwiftShop is part of SwiftCloud & SwiftCRM.

It contains everything you need to sell – online, offline, on-site, hybrid.

We specialize in service industries. If you primarily sell services, we are your #1 choice. If you primarily sell products (i.e. retail, restaurants), you may be better served with other companies, though you’ll be well served in certain departments (i.e. HR) with our software.

SwiftShop is part of SwiftCloud, which has many ways to sell & get paid, which include…

  1. Invoice Software – powerful & mature code with advanced systems like payment plans, catalog of inventory, taxes, credits, multiple payment methods such as credit card, ACH e-Check, cash. Learn more at our Invoice Software page.
  2. eCommerce Online Store Software / Online Shopping Cart / Online Store – All SwiftCloud accounts automatically include the ability to sell things online.
  3. Sign & Pay – electronic signature with payment embedded right into the doc – including Quoting Software & Contract Management modes.
  4. Recurring Billing / Membership / Subscriptions / Agreements (i.e. for Metered Use billing), including Signup-with-Product.
  5. Credit card on File and Asynchronous billing (Example: Cruise billing 90 days before sailing)
  6. Text-to-Pay and soon Pay by Phone
  7. Landing Pages / Single-Product Instant-Sale Pages.
  8. Schedulers – typically used for service-scheduling like a massage therapy visit for example.

Actual payment methods can include systems like Stripe (for Credit Cards), Paypal, ACH e-Check, Cash. Need something else? Just ask, we have additional payment gateways and systems already in progress.


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