Information Security

Our goal is to be your system of record.

If you are using SwiftCloud tactically, for just a specific purpose, and you have some other system of record, that’s ok too.

System of Record (SOR) refers the single database of truth for your business, sometimes also referred to as a Single Source of Truth (SSOT).

Whether this is right for your business is something we should discuss. Whether it is right for you depends on the needs of your business.

SwiftCloud originally started as SwiftCRM, and if we were offline by even minutes it would cost some clients hundreds of dollars per minute in productivity impact (clients with 25-person sales floors for example). We fully understand the gravity of serving as a System of Record.

We now now have Fortune 500 users in the system, government agencies in the system. Some of our highest end projects are not public and strictly confidential.

We take this seriously.

NOTE: We are slowly working toward the following designations:  U.S. FedRamp (for government), HIPAA (Medical), EU Advanced Directive, and full PCI compliance.

We do our best and have on-going process reviews toward these and other compliance laws, including COPPA (data regarding children, i.e. applicable to daycares).

Functioning as a System of Record requires some very high level goals, which we don’t take lightly. These goals include:

  • Never Down. Even major billion-dollar companies have outages, however, we can take the steps to mitigate this by using not just automatically scheduled backups, but increasingly, load balancers, database sharding, and advanced system architecture to reduce the possibility that one failed server takes down the whole machine.
  • Never Lost. We are absolutely paranoid about losing a single client lead, because this is usually what businesses value most.
  • Local & Fast. Increasingly, for both server speed and legal reasons, we aim to house your data in your country. In the event we receive a court subpoena for records, we will comply per the local laws, subject to verification. For companies especially concerned, we may offer private servers, so that your data is on a server specific to you.
  • Robust & Dependable. Included in this is continuity planning so that the system is not dependent on anyone one human, and resistant to a wide variety of issues ranging from geopolitical (i.e. 9/11 type events), disasters (flooded data centers from a hurricane), loss of key employees, etc.
  • Safe & Secure. All dot-com systems aim for data security. We employ white hat hackers and intrusion systems. Major Billion-Dollar brands have security breaches, and so we have a constant mindset (paranoia?) of not “if”, but “when”, and this keeps us on our toes. We actively seek out ways to protect data, isolate a potential intrusions, and complicate and thwart potential attacks with layers of security. To date, we believe the weak point is more likely to be our clients than us, but we strive to maintain vigilance.
    TIP: One project we have involves reporting data about “CII drugs”, i.e. methedone and cocaine, to the U.S. DEA. We aim for military-grade security.

We take your data very seriously and have systems in place to avoid dependency on a single human while maintaining security.

SwiftCloud.AI has a “siloed” database structure that means your account data is not mixed with that of any other user. Each user has their own database.

Should you have further concerns about using SwiftCloud as a System of Record, please discuss the matter with our team.