Still Chasing Contracts? Stop it.

We’ve all been there if you’re in sales: waiting for contracts to get signed and returned. Worse, some don’t come back. There’s a solution: never chase a contract again. Get contracts e-Signed instantly before clients even get off the phone. According to research by Barilliance, over 75% of shoppers leave sites without finishing a purchase.… Continue Reading Still Chasing Contracts? Stop it.

Employee Evaluation Form – Free Template + Ultimate Guide

Need an Employee Evaluation Form? We’ve got a free Annual Employee Review Form template for you that you can easily clone and customize. Of course it’s set up for e-sign and paperless use, so this is also good for remote workers. e-Sign of the employee evaluation can be legally important to document receipt that the… Continue Reading Employee Evaluation Form – Free Template + Ultimate Guide

Paperless Office Software

Paperless office software can do much more than paper ever could. For example, SwiftCloud e-Docs and e-Contracts contain conditional if-then branching logic, validate fields to reduce things like typos on email addresses, automate data flows so you never have to read messy handwriting and type it into some other system, and much more. You can… Continue Reading Paperless Office Software


eContractsJun 3,2019

Send, receive, and manage your eContracts from SwiftCloud! SwiftCloud is much more than just legally binding electronic signature – it’s a complete eContract management system to streamline your sales. In minutes you can go paperless, streamline & automate workflows, and move your contracts to the cloud where it’s securely accessible 24/7 from any device, backed… Continue Reading eContracts

Top 11 Legal Docs for Web Design & Marketing Agencies [2019]

Creativity and legality do not get along well. Often designers and other productive professionals find it distasteful for their creativity-buds to go for bland legal procedures and contracts. They see it as baggage and a waste of time. However, the fact remains that the need for legal documents for web design and marketing agencies is… Continue Reading Top 11 Legal Docs for Web Design & Marketing Agencies [2019]

How do I make an electronic signature in word?

How do I make an electronic signature in word? The good news is this can be easy and free, and take just minutes, but the bad news is that word by itself cannot be used for electronic signature. If you just want to drop an image of your own signature into a word document, the… Continue Reading How do I make an electronic signature in word?

e-Waivers [+9 Critical Considerations]

E-waivers, or Electronic Waivers are all about protecting your business from frivolous lawsuits, but can actually do so much more. First, all electronic signatures in the US and EU are fully legally binding, the same as paper signatures, according to the E-SIGN act of 2000 and various other laws. On top of that, SwiftCloud’s smart… Continue Reading e-Waivers [+9 Critical Considerations]

7 Electronic Signature Tips (with Action Steps Blueprint)

There’s 2 main methods to use e-Signature, “standing order” style (signable anytime by anyone) and specific-people style (say, a sales contract – the doc is specific to people and or a business transaction). For standing order types (waivers, HR new worker forms, etc.) these should be linked from your website for most cases, and also… Continue Reading 7 Electronic Signature Tips (with Action Steps Blueprint)

How to choose e-Signature – 7 Key Questions

How to Choose e-Signature isn’t just fluffy blog content – getting this wrong could leave you with un-enforceable electronic signatures that get thrown out of court. The entire point of e-sign is to get legally binding agreement quickly. Be sure to see our Top 10 Reasons why to use e-signature, which is about much more… Continue Reading How to choose e-Signature – 7 Key Questions

Metrics That Matter

Metrics That MatterMar 17,2019

I recently read – How to Run Your Company Base On Metrics – a useful overview for any company. When I was in sales, I became a believer in metrics, and living by them. You probably know your weight, within a few pounds. You probably know your bank account balance, within a small range. You… Continue Reading Metrics That Matter