Electronic Signature Waivers

Need to setup electronic signature waivers? We have a few (free to use with any SwiftCloud account) in the templates library – directions below how to clone an editable copy into your account. Top 10 Reasons to use Electronic Signature Waivers “Better than Free” – NOT using electronic signature waivers is costing you money, period.… Continue Reading Electronic Signature Waivers

e-Signature Kiosk / Tablet for In-Person Signing

Setting up an e-Signature Kiosk for in-person check-in and signing is easy with SwiftCloud. The software can be setup in minutes, and several hardware options that leverage off-the-shelf tablets are linked below, so your e-Signature Kiosk can be easy to maintain & inexpensive to set up. Why use kiosk e-Signature instead of old-school paper? If-then logic.… Continue Reading e-Signature Kiosk / Tablet for In-Person Signing