CRM for Recruiters

CRM for RecruitersMar 5,2021

Recruitment is a very complicated process. Employers frequently need to find opportunities to engage with applicants during the recruiting process to increase their candidate experience and simultaneously build their employer brand. But as the race for talent becomes increasingly tedious, companies have a tough time keeping their candidates interested in them and offer appropriate, updated… Continue Reading CRM for Recruiters

Not Hitting Goals? Tips to Boost Worker Performance.

Whether you have three employees or thirty, performance management is something that you want to utilize to make sure your operating your business at top peak performance. When you choose not to use the many technological advances available, performance management can seem like a hassle.  Stop wasting time tracking progress manually and chasing down people… Continue Reading Not Hitting Goals? Tips to Boost Worker Performance.

Employee Evaluation Form – Free Template + Ultimate Guide

Need an Employee Evaluation Form? We’ve got a free Annual Employee Review Form template for you that you can easily clone and customize. Of course it’s set up for e-sign and paperless use, so this is also good for remote workers. e-Sign of the employee evaluation can be legally important to document receipt that the… Continue Reading Employee Evaluation Form – Free Template + Ultimate Guide

Metrics That Matter

Metrics That MatterMar 17,2019

I recently read – How to Run Your Company Base On Metrics – a useful overview for any company. When I was in sales, I became a believer in metrics, and living by them. You probably know your weight, within a few pounds. You probably know your bank account balance, within a small range. You… Continue Reading Metrics That Matter