What does lead generation mean?

Lead generation means creating leads, of course. To truly figure out what does lead generation mean, you  need to break down 2 concepts: (1.) Sales Lead Value and (2.) Language / Definitions. What does lead generation mean? What you want it to mean is (1.) customer intent (they want to buy what you’re selling), and… Continue Reading What does lead generation mean?

Real Estate Marketing: 14 Experts Share Their #1 Tips

We work with a lot of real estate agents & brokers, and are always on the hunt for a competitive edge in every aspect of their business, including real estate marketing. Like what you read? Check out our Real Estate Marketing Playbooks (pre-designed tasks with staff to help if needed, or you can bring your… Continue Reading Real Estate Marketing: 14 Experts Share Their #1 Tips

Why use landing pages?

Warning: to not use landing pages is costing you money. Unquestionably. Why use landing pages? 2 main reasons: Speed to test headlines / offers / ideas. SwiftCloud can generate landing pages as fast as you can type the headlines. This allows you to more quickly find winning – profitable – campaigns. Focus on the outcome… Continue Reading Why use landing pages?

Sales Army Case Study

Want to build a sales army for your business? You’ll need to engineer before you start 2 critical elements: Motivation, which really means the pay structure. How much will they make and exactly how / when? How are you going to track whom to pay exactly? Ability. How are you going to track this? A… Continue Reading Sales Army Case Study

Inbound Marketing Blueprint & Flowchart

This is a refined inbound marketing blueprint you can use to grow traffic. Tip: The color tags below correspond to each role. You may find it helpful to delegate based on color-tag. Here’s ours, step by step, with notes about who fulfills it. Swift Marketing’s inbound marketing dashboard is designed to enable the workflow below… Continue Reading Inbound Marketing Blueprint & Flowchart

Sales Lead Incubator Campaign

Sales Lead Incubator Campaigns Campaigns can contain any mix of the following events, each with any kind of delay – 7 minutes, 7 months, whatever you need…: Messages >> Email Messages >> Print + Mail (with Mail Merge!) Messages >> Print / Mail i.e. handwritten thank you cards (technically, this is a task we create… Continue Reading Sales Lead Incubator Campaign

Tripwire Offers

Tripwire OffersJan 27,2018

A “tripwire” offer is a very high value, low cost “soft yes” / “shy yes” way for customers to get a sense for the value you provide. Not all people will opt into your tripwire offer, but those that do are much more serious, and more likely to buy from you in the future for… Continue Reading Tripwire Offers

How to Reduce The Marketing Budget

Over the years as a small agency we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses in various capacities. One of the most common questions especially among the smallest of businesses is about how to reduce the budget. Don’t get me wrong- larger companies are definitely cost-conscious and want to “sweat the capital” too, and I can appreciate it.… Continue Reading How to Reduce The Marketing Budget

How to add a line of business

A client asked this, and rather than simply fire off an email, I told him I’d write a post. Why? It’s not too complex, but the usual way is the “Nike school of business: just do it” method, which is a bit of rolling the dice. There’s a better way – the best of which… Continue Reading How to add a line of business

Inbound Marketing

Inbound MarketingSep 25,2017

Inbound Marketing is not only a lower cost per lead for many industries, it also yields higher quality leads. To be more precise: Inbound marketing for some industries can yield 12,000% ROI. For others it’ll be a loss. It’s had a lot of hype of late, so we want to help. Let’s start at the… Continue Reading Inbound Marketing