Realtor Marketing Ideas

Legal note: Not all Real estate agents are Realtors® – see here for details. Realtor® is a trademarked term of the National Association of Realtors. All that said, if you’re looking for Realtor marketing ideas, we can help. This list has a lot of the usual – and some unusual and uncommon as well. This… Continue Reading Realtor Marketing Ideas

Keller Williams 33 Touch Campaign

Included: Your 8 by 8 touch system for new contacts feeds right into your 33 touch campaign. Use top-of-mind agent-of-choice mini-brand awareness maintenance. Get six times (600%!) more business from your database… How to set up a Keller Williams style 33 Touch Campaign. You can also get set up for 8 by 8 (for new… Continue Reading Keller Williams 33 Touch Campaign

How to add a line of business

A client asked this, and rather than simply fire off an email, I told him I’d write a post. Why? It’s not too complex, but the usual way is the “Nike school of business: just do it” method, which is a bit of rolling the dice. There’s a better way – the best of which… Continue Reading How to add a line of business