What does lead generation mean?

Lead generation means creating leads, of course. To truly figure out what does lead generation mean, you  need to break down 2 concepts: (1.) Sales Lead Value and (2.) Language / Definitions. What does lead generation mean? What you want it to mean is (1.) customer intent (they want to buy what you’re selling), and… Continue Reading What does lead generation mean?

RFP Software

RFP SoftwareApr 18,2020

SwiftCloud is a powerful e-Doc system that is ideal for both sides of the RFP software value chain. Are you looking to… 1. Write an RFP for vendor procurement, or to 2. Respond to an RFP and send a proposal? Either way, we can help. For full details about our platform, we can direct you… Continue Reading RFP Software

Still Chasing Contracts? Stop it.

We’ve all been there if you’re in sales: waiting for contracts to get signed and returned. Worse, some don’t come back. There’s a solution: never chase a contract again. Get contracts e-Signed instantly before clients even get off the phone. According to research by Barilliance, over 75% of shoppers leave sites without finishing a purchase.… Continue Reading Still Chasing Contracts? Stop it.


eContractsJun 3,2019

Send, receive, and manage your eContracts from SwiftCloud! SwiftCloud is much more than just legally binding electronic signature – it’s a complete eContract management system to streamline your sales. In minutes you can go paperless, streamline & automate workflows, and move your contracts to the cloud where it’s securely accessible 24/7 from any device, backed… Continue Reading eContracts

Top 11 Legal Docs for Web Design & Marketing Agencies [2019]

Creativity and legality do not get along well. Often designers and other productive professionals find it distasteful for their creativity-buds to go for bland legal procedures and contracts. They see it as baggage and a waste of time. However, the fact remains that the need for legal documents for web design and marketing agencies is… Continue Reading Top 11 Legal Docs for Web Design & Marketing Agencies [2019]

Why Use Electronic Signature? The Top 10 Reasons

Why use Electronic Signature? There’s far more to gain than just paper & pens saved – why use an electronic signature is really about instant sales contract, reducing sales friction, automating marketing & more. Oh, and it’s flat-out less expensive than paper when you include the factors below… Why use an electronic signature? Why bother… Continue Reading Why Use Electronic Signature? The Top 10 Reasons

Sales Lead Incubator Campaign

Sales Lead Incubator Campaigns Campaigns can contain any mix of the following events, each with any kind of delay – 7 minutes, 7 months, whatever you need…: Messages >> Email Messages >> Print + Mail (with Mail Merge!) Messages >> Print / Mail i.e. handwritten thank you cards (technically, this is a task we create… Continue Reading Sales Lead Incubator Campaign