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SwiftCloud is easy-to-use, affordable software that can help grow your tattoo studio.

Why is SwiftCloud the best tattoo studio software for growing my clientele?

Turn your freshly tattooed clients into marketing assets

Our customer review software can help drive more people wanting tattoos to your business. You need positive reviews about your tattoo skills to bring in more clients because research shows that consumers read reviews and make decisions on where to go based on what they hear. So why not have a review portal with your branding and your URL that you can add to emails, websites, and more?

Automatically gather feedback by having your review template —  customized with your logo, colors, and custom URL — sent to your clients after their gorgeous tattoo is finished via text message, email, social media, or through your website.

You can have these reviews auto-publish if they’re positive and use one-click sharing to send them to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms. If your clients aren’t happy, the review won’t auto-publish but instead will open a trouble ticket so you can figure out the reason they’re not satisfied with your work.

Generate customer satisfaction surveys that look beautiful and come in all sorts of styles, including 1 to 5 stars or 0 to 10 ratings. Increase the traffic to your tattoo studio by having stars show up in searches related to tattoos. You can increase your profits by winning over potential clients when they see other peoples’ positive feedback.

Automate your workflow so you can spend more time designing and inking beautiful art

With SwiftCloud form generation, you can automate your workflow for payments and signatures. If your client has scheduled something in advance, you can collect payments right away, flow into a setup form, auto-generate an e-signable contract about the tattoo they are purchasing and follow up with a thank you page.Tattoo Studio Software 6

Looking to increase your business? Well, we can help! Create bait and tripwire offers for your landing page, create landing page toppers, timed popovers, exit pops, scroll-intent pops, call-to-action offers, and more. You can use it on your site in minutes or use our free WordPress marketing plugin.

You don’t need to use HTML programming for your tattoo forms. You can drive more leads and convert them into excited clients that want to get tattoos using our drag and drop interface. Utilize tons of templates and popups, free offers, newsletters, surveys, and whatever else your tattoo studio might need.

e-Waivers aren’t just there to protect your studio — you can turn them into real profits

Your marketing flow can undergo a serious makeover when using our e-waiver software. Instantly look up people to make sure they’ve signed their name and provided their details. You can add signers to email lists and retarget ads. Trigger follow-up surveys, export to marketing lists, and even email from directly within the app.

For e-Waivers, you can ask custom questions that you need to know and use if-then branching logic. What does this mean for you? If the user clicks that they have an allergy or other medical problem, it can take them to other, more detailed options. If they click that they don’t, they just move onto the next step.

A waiver can be a great tool for protecting your tattoo studio from clients who have buyers’ remorse. It can limit your liability when it comes to potential harm, such as infections, scarring, allergic reactions to ink or soap, and even misspelled tattoos! You can customize your waiver to use easy-to-understand language that your clients can understand so you can be sure they know the inherent risks that come with your services.

Get e-Signatures from your clients before they ever start getting inked

One of the unique features of our e-sign system is that you have the option of embedding photos right into the document for age verification and more. Don’t risk the legal ramifications that can arise over age verification!

Take a photo of a client’s ID and embed it right into their patient profile and store their birthdate right in the contact record. This makes it easy to keep track of who is over 18 and can legally purchase your tattoo services. Tattoo Studio Software 7

Get e-signatures on your paperwork via tablet, phone, kiosk, or over the web for appointment scheduling, e-waivers, and more. All signed docs will automatically create a Social Shared Workroom – which is a cloud-based folder and collaboration workroom shared between you and your signer(s). You can add private notes and comments, store files, complete information forms, upload and download docs, e-sign bundles of related docs, and much more. Each party to the electronic signature will get a PDF copy emailed to them.

You don’t have to make a new template each time you have a new client, either. Just save templates for instant reuse! This can help you save time by avoiding repetitively dragging “sign here” stickers.

Risk-free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel at any time. 
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Making the switch from paper to digital is easy and we can help you get set up with whatever you need. Whether you want to take advantage of our customer reviews software to make sure you’re driving business with glowing testimonials from happy clients, or whether you want to get e-waivers signed to protect you from potential liability, we’ve got your back.

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