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NOTE: The actual signature must happen on our server in order for us to legally guarantee the signature contents. The WordPress electronic signature plugin is no longer needed and can be disabled.

We will soon add reporting and hand-off functions like confirmation to the WordPress plugin.

See this video before you choose a WordPress E-Sign plugin.

We are now in public beta on 2.0 of our Electronic Signature system, which works mostly the same as our (old) WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin.

If you’re a WordPress developer or user, you’ll be right at home with SwiftCloud’s doc system – shortcodes like this are what create the signable fields:


WordPress >> SwiftSign page on our servers >> Back to your WordPress. Actual signature is on our servers.

TIP: Our new scheduler (Free while in beta for 2021!) works the same way, but for that we can allow direct embed, since there’s none of the legal concerns. However, if you’re in medical (HIPAA laws apply) this may be more complex.

Notice the shortcode on the screenshot here in this video…

Here’s how SwiftCloud’s Electronic Signature 2.0 works now…

  1. User is on your WordPress site – you link to a signable page, which…
  2. is on SwiftCloud.AI – but has your logo, your colors. Soon we’ll even have customizable domains like https://Secure.YourDomainHere.com and the email the signor gets will have your logo and colors on it. After signature, then…
  3. User comes back to your site, to a thank-you page, or payment, whatever you prefer.

Why did we not keep the WordPress Electronic Signature plugin?

  1. Themes & plugins are all over the map and were definitely interfering.
  2. Our reputation was being staked on an open platform, which in the hands of a nefarious actor, could be used for malicious intent i.e. to get a legally binding agreement on something the user did not, i.e. by iframing out or CSS-hiding content, etc. – we want no part of this.
  3. It was a lot of work for no money – we had a lot of users who want a dependable product, but weren’t paying for it. We’d rather serve fewer users who pay, and serve them very well.
  4. It’s insecure – due to potential cross-domain CSS injection and other weaknesses, the platform is inherently flawed. Even if you have some seemingly not serious cat blog requiring a signature, other users have very serious docs running through our platform, involving serious money and serious legal ramifications. We take audit trails, legal enforcement, and other electronic signature details very seriously.
  5. We’re already using private blockchain, internally. Why? Long term we’re moving toward “trustless transactions”, and this required substantial engineering changes. None of this is really visible yet, but we have some exciting stuff in the works.
  6. The WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin was never designed to be anything more than a proof-of-concept really, it was born out of necessity for low-end basic stuff, but clients needed a serious solution and liked our approach – i.e. using shortcodes, so that docs are responsive fluid-width instead of competing-system designs that used fixed-width and/or PDF based systems.
  7. Passive Automation & SwiftCloud integration. Long term, e-signature rarely stands alone – it’s integrated to payment, marketing, data flows, and more and so it just made a lot more sense to include it in-house so that pure marketing automation & even dynamically generated sales contracts could be signed via an AI based sales robot. This would be well beyond the current model of WordPress, though they do appear to be headed toward a more API driven data structure.

The good news?

WordPress users will be right at home with SwiftCloud. We love wordpress, if you can’t tell. This page you’re reading (all the logged-out portions of SwiftCloud) is on WP, and we have over a dozen plugins (not all are public).

SwiftCloud uses WordPress-style shortcodes like [swift_signature size=”medium”]

If you’re looking for a WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin, you have a few options – we believe we are the best.

Self-hosted documents could theoretically be tampered with, and thus without a legally disinterested 3rd party in the middle, you may have a hard time ever enforcing your agreements, should it be needed. Plugin add-ons for some will work fine, but what if your business changes? What if you decide you want to include your HR docs? Vendor 1099s? Multiple docs in a single envelope? If a client called your electronic signature doc into court, would you know what to do, or whom to call as an expert witness? If you need help beyond your skill level, do you have an expert?

We’d like to be on your team, and the financial investment is quite modest. We’re in this for the long haul, and building a powerful suite of tools to help businesses (like yours?) grow.

Take a risk-free test drive today by clicking here to get started now

Want to learn more? Check out https://swiftcrm.com/products/electronic-signature for the full run-down about SwiftCloud’s electronic signature.