Once you have your website set up the way you want, and have a great landing page to maximize the lead capture from traffic, you need to get the word out about your offer, system, kit, service, etc.

As reprinted from Website Magazine, here are the top 50 Advertising Networks, as of July 2010. Any of these are probably good reputable firms; the smaller ones will often make more concessions on service but may not have as much traffic, while the larger ones probably have more targeting options – but more competition. Don’t just start at the top – do a bit of looking for find a good fit for your company.

As always, be sure to name them as an Advertising Source within SwiftCRM, so you can track your results – your actual impressions to your site, actual leads produced, how many of those leads turned into sales or live deals, and last, your total ROI – the #1 factor you need to know before you continue to spend money. When starting out with an ad network, keep your spend low until you have 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors, after which, if your landing page is any good, you should have produced enough leads to actually close some deals. While this sample size is so small the data will be “rough”, it is big enough to know generally whether you should increase the spend, leave it at no change (i.e. “testing / data-gathering mode”), or look elsewhere.

Here you go – start panning for gold!

Top 50 Ad Networks to Explore

1. adbrite.com
2. bidvertiser.com
3. burstmedia.com
4. advertising.com
5. AdMob.com
6. valueclickmedia.com
7. tribalfusion.com
8. chitika.com
9. kontera.com
10. 247realmedia.com
11. fastclick.com
12. clicksor.com
13. vibrantmedia.com
14. clickbooth.com
15. collective.com
16. marchex.com
17. buysellads.com
18. tattomedia.com
19. QuattroWireless.com
20. eyeblaster.com
21. azoogleads.com
22. 7search.com
23. yume.com
24. casalemedia.com
25. specificmedia.com
26. zestadz.com
27. undertone.com
28. contextweb.com
29. adknowledge.com
30. adify.com
31. spotxchange.com
32. adready.com
33. cpxinteractive.com
34. sportgenic.com
35. traveladnetwork.com
36. mobclix.com
37. centro.net
38. greystripe.com
39. audiencescience.com
40. tremormedia.com
41. brightroll.com
42. millennialmedia.com
43. targetspot.com
44. trafficmarketplace.com
45. bluestreak.com
46. adconion.com
47. pulse360.com
48. encirclemedia.com
49. Jumptap.com
50. premiumnetwork.com


  1. Before you start with any paid advertising, you need to have your landing page 100% done and verified working. Setup your autoresponders in SwiftCRM, and leads distribution rules if you have a team. Don’t run ads without a landing page, and as soon as the traffic starts, watch the numbers closely. If you haven’t optimized the landing page, and the campaign starts with too high of a cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale and is thus unprofitable, you may just need to tweak the landing page, or the creative (Creative is the ad you run, the outgoing message, i.e. actual banner, or email message if using mass email, your postcard, etc.) – the creative should always align (look, feel, and message) with your landing page.
  2. If you’re spending more than a few thousand dollars, it’s worth hooking up Google Page Optimizer to this – see this:

and of course you definitely need to be using the (free!) Google Analytics:

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