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Inbound Email

Inbound EmailJan 10,2022

SwiftCloud contains a comprehensive messaging suite, including email tools. This article is focused on specifically setup of your inbound email. Here’s what you need to know: Step 1 of 2: Enable “IMAP” on your email service. Click to learn more. Gmail / Google Mail (IMAP is disabled by default and must be switched on – Read More…

Bulk Email

Bulk EmailDec 2,2021

Bulk Email broadcasting in SwiftCloud / SwiftCRM is easy, once you know where to look. First, here’s the easy short summary: Import a CSV list of people / companies you want to contact Write the message you want to go out to them. Push the send buttons Later – give it some time – check Read More…


VideomailMar 5,2019

Email still works. Email + Video is better. Videomail is the single best way to get someone to watch a short video message, be it a sales presentation or something else like a testimonial.   People are busy, distracted, bombarded with messages, mentally tired… video helps. People will watch 3 minutes of video a lot Read More…