Contacts Manager

One major unique strength of SwiftCloud is that we are a social network, with a full contact editor.

Below is an overview of editing contacts – the basic version.

We’ll take a deeper dive video soon.

When this matters and is especially helpful is when one person signs many docs – say, for HR, real estate, etc.

In that case, all that signer’s docs / invoices / payments / notes / timeclock entries and timesheets / scheduled events – everything – is linked to that contact. It’s baked into the platform.

It’s a social network for business, with your private (secret-to-you) contact data layered on top. If they change their phone, your contact record automatically gets updated. If they give you their private cel phone, or you make notes about them, that stays private to you, nobody else can see it, unless you’ve chosen to share it to just within your company. You can also communicate directly with that client, via chat*, email, SMS, and soon phone – and your complete communication record is there within the file, within that contact’s record.

You can also tag people to create groups on the fly – say, #vendors – then manage or send email to that group. As people join and leave the group, your mass emails will automatically get to the right people.

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