SwiftCloud Doc Types

The following are types of docs you can set any “doc” to.

Separately, you can make PDFs and images signable, and there are many other assets within the system such as invoices, items for sale (e-Commerce items), etc.

These are “subtypes” of our core documents system, along with some tips on how to use each:

In no particular order…

  • E-Sign Doc or Input Form – most common and well documented elsewhere on this site.
  • Email Template / Mail Merge Doc
    Typically used for sales or helpdesk, this can contain any variables using the same format as any form or e-sign doc, but we’ll replace any fields with actual data prior to sending. Any required variables will be required to be defined prior to the email going out (i.e. name – if you add someone in with email only and name is not defined, then the email won’t go out). For Mail Merge, the system will prompt you to print & mail a doc, though you can optionally forward the PDFs that get generated to a 3rd party print-and-mail service. If you use this a lot, let us know, and we’ll hook up an API; this is a new feature and we’ll start simple. This is ideal for high-touch marketing.

  • Quiz / Test
    This will score or grade results by comparing input fields to a CSV spreadsheet of answers. Note that the CSV is “brittle” and precise, so this is best suited to multiple choice, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. – if you need a sophisticated testing platform, there are probably better systems, but if you want easy & inexpensive & flexible, this is a great option. Contact us for setup help if needed.

  • Poll
    This will create a pie chart of answers for any multiple choice type questions, but for input (text entry) you’ll have to wade through the data on a spreadsheet.

  • Election / Voting
    This is designed for HOAs, Clubs that follow parliamentary procedure, or any other election of people to roles or ideas on the table. Each voter can vote only once, and can revise their vote until voting cutoff. Once the voting is cut off, you’ll get an email with pie charts and stats about votes. Contact us for Private Beta Access. Creates one workroom for all voters, and voters can be from an approved list, or open.

  • Regular Document (No Inputs)
    This is ideal for things like company or club policies, internal knowledgebase entries, or any other standard type of document. Think of this as comparable to MS Word or Google docs – it’s not fancy, and will just convey information (no input fields or anything).

Have questions we haven’t answered? Drop us a line and we’ll update this docment.

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