Wordpress e-signature Plugin

If you’re having any problems with our e-Signature plugin, here are the most common errors:

First, a note: the way our system works is our system goes to your website, scrapes your signable page, and merges it with the signature-data.

Therefore, the page must be public in order for this system to work. We are nearly complete [March 2017] with the better, more reliable system based on “Envelopes” and so if you still have problems after checking the below common errors, we recommend that.

If you’re getting PDF errors, blank PDFs, or just your home page, we recommend checking….

  1. Showing only your homepage:
    1. Verify the page is published, not as a draft.
    2. Verify there aren’t any plugins or themes requiring the user to “go through the front door”; some plugins and themes do this to avoid deep linking.
  2. Blank PDF
    1. Verify the page is not password protected. Note if you want to private-ize your page, we recommend our newer “Envelopes” system.
    2. Verify the domain and page are public
    3. Note some plugins interfere with our shortcodes; we’re working on these over time and in most cases it should be fine. You may want to first test the e-docs using a default WordPress theme and minimal plugins.

TIP: If you don’t want to use Envelopes for whatever reason our when ready, our Version 2 Branded Extranet / Branded Groupware system, then you might want to consider another separate WordPress subdomain i.e. MyAccount.YourSite.com or Docs.YourDomain.com for example and install it there. While a complete separate WordPress may well seem like overkill, these days most web-hosts have 1-click installers so this may only be a few minutes of work.

As always, if more help is needed let us know!

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