Electronic Signature Shortcode

We’ve added a new shortcode to SwiftCloud’s electronic signature 2.0 (.AI, not IO) system, which is


Adding this will force a page-break in the PDF, typically used in electronic signature docs, but it can be used any any PDF too i.e. sales proposals. This is useful to keep separate sections of a page from running together.

Here’s an example electronic signature shortcode use… here’s the backend controls:

Electronic Signature Shortcode

then when you get the PDF, notice these sections are all on new pages…

e-signature page break

PDF of e-signature

to use this, simply drop


on any document.


  1. This does not work on the electronic signature wordpress plugin, which will soon be retired and put into legacy mode as it’s not secure, and
  2. This affects PDFs only. Because we format for the web online, there’s no page break, we do however, add a bit of extra margin to that section to give it some separatation (when viewing online).

Other phrases to help users find this help article:

  • pages all running together
  • PDFs not formatted correctly
  • PDF format of electronic signature
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