e-signature receipt

You can easily change and customize the email to people who e-sign a doc, take a poll or quiz or test, fill in a form, pay an invoice, or a any other upcoming features – in most cases we try to keep the user interface consistent.

In all cases, we’ll group what happens for you into a box and what happens for the other party / parties in a separate box. In here you can find the settings for the email the signor will get.

NOTE: this email will have your logo, your colors, your social links (i.e. facebook) as per settings in your profile. See “Branding” for more info on this.

On the backend controls, in the pink “User Experience Flow” box you’ll see a plus symbol like so…

e-signature receipt

When you click it, you’ll have another red-outlined area added which contains a choice of either a single email autoresponder, and you can also optionally add a sequence (i.e. marketing series, training, etc.).

Note you can include shortcodes and we’ll replace that on the fly. For example, if your subject-line is

Thanks [swift_firstname FirstCap]!

and someone signs the doc as “JOHN DOE” or “john doe”, then we’ll replace that subject line with

Thanks John!

FirstCap will de-capitalize all letters and capitalize the first regardless of how it was captured, which helps it look more correct and more human. If you used swift_name instead of swift_firstname it would address them as their full name, John Doe in this case.

If you click the the red-arrow icon below (Merge Icon) it will drop the corresponding mail-merge fields (i.e. swift_firstname).

The blue arrow refers to templates (your own – helpful if you keep using the same text many times).

e-Sign PDF Copy

NOTE: An email to someone who e-signs is required. It is legally important to give a copy of anything signed to your clients, and so for that reason, certain functions for e-signature specifically may be required.

We will also require this for receipts on e-commerce and invoices.

Also at the bottom, by default we have this shortcode:


This is a special function and will attach the PDF of the signed item.

For other assets such as invoices or envelopes, the same basic principles apply – it will usually be a pink box labeled as User Experience or Customer Experience etc.

As always, if you have any questions, let us know and we’ll update this help entry.

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