Login One Click

TIP: SwiftCloud Login with Facebook and/or Login with Google will save you time, reduce the odds you get locked out.

NOTE: We cannot see your Google or Facebook password, it gets “tokenized”. You can revoke access anytime. This is actually more secure than a password, if you also use 2-step access.

NOTE: It doesn’t matter if the email on your Google or Facebook matches your SwiftCloud login. We cannot even see it.

It’s easy! Secure! And it’ll reduce you having to reset your password 🙂

It’s easy! Just click, in this order…

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Red
  4. Blue

Login with Facebook

Remember to click Save at the bottom

Once you’ve done this, you can, in the future just click these buttons to log in rather than having to type your email, remember a password, etc.

Login One Click

Why do this?

  1. Save Time!
  2. Accidental 2nd Accounts: It also reduces the chance you’ll one day forget, and then if you do it in the future, it will create new blank 2nd account (if the email is not the same), and thus you’ll be confused and/or scared that all your data is missing, but in truth, you’ll be in a new 2nd account.
  3. Hacks & Lockouts: It will help you if you ever get locked out of your account and/or hacked
  4. Work Emails: It will help you if you use a work email to sign up, but then leave that employer and thus lose access to that email; note certain functions are property of the employer so you will lose access to certain data if your employer has a company account, but you’ll keep other parts, such as your personal address book and most of your account history, etc. – anything not expressly property of your employer and tied to their company account
  5. Security: Last, down the road we’ll add more security options and we may add options to require login via multiple methods and/or 2-factor authentication.
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