Sign and Pay

You can now get a signature and payment all in one step, on one doc.

NOTE: If your doc contains Electronic Signature and a Payment Form, we will automatically change the button to Sign & Pay

We have a variety of shortcodes for this, including choose a product, manual entry of dollar amount, and others.

This is frequently used with service agreements (say, plumbing, pest control, HVAC, auto mechanics) in which you need both a basic agreement to terms, a signature, and payment.

We’ll add more training here as we roll this out, but let’s dive into a few options.

TIP: You need a method of receiving money before any of this will work – see if you haven’t yet hooked up a pay-method. This video shows the idea…

How much do you want to charge?

We have a few ways to handle this:

  1. Manual Input.
    Best if you have variable amounts you may need to decide on-the-fly, on location, etc.
  2. Hard coded / pre-defined.
    Everyone pays the same amount (everyone signing this specific doc – you can multiple docs like one per package).
  3. Select Product.
    From your SKUs / Items You Sell / Shopping Cart options / Packages

Option 1: Manual Input Amount

Simple, easy, designed for a technician using a tablet at a customer’s home (i.e. Plumbing, or Auto Mechanic that needs to see the car first before giving a quote). This is the simplest method – simply type in the amount you want to charge, and be sure on the same page you have a payment form.


[swift_chargeamount decimals="2"]

Notice the corresponding card-charge form does NOT have a product in it. Doing so would override the charge-amount. Example


[swift_payment_multioption pay_method="Credit Card,ACH" style="PaymentBox" charge_now="Yes"]

BAD. This will override your manual input.

[swift_payment_multioption pay_method="Credit Card,ACH" sku="96P2" style="PaymentBox" charge_now="Yes"]

TIP: As with any shortcode, you can also set this to “Read Only” which disallows user-input, and requires then input via URL-string or API or Post. This is useful for sales contracts wherein you have a few prices pre-set, but don’t want to allow the client to edit it. It will also not look editable.

You can also pre-define the price via the Sessions system and thus lock the field, so the client cannot change it, but it stays variable so you can easily edit-per-client.


eSign with Payment Example 1

Note in the above example we limit this to 2 decimal places (most common) by default. If you are using Bitcoin (many decimal places) you can change as needed.

Option 2: Pre-Defined

This is best for 1 contract per 1 product – everyone signing that exact contract is agreeing to an exact price. It’s also very simple to use. Here’s an example code – in this case, for product ID 96P2. Notice the product is in the shortcode below.

[swift_payment_multioption pay_method="Credit Card,ACH" sku="96P2" style="PaymentBox" charge_now="Yes"]

Anyone signing this doc will automatically be charged the amount for product 96P2, which in this case is $1.23

Option 3: User Input

This is defined to be a Sales Quote Generator. It’s powerful, and can get a bit complex – there’s no way around it. Upside: Set it up once, and your sales team can use it for thousands of accurate quotes generated per your rules and pricing.

Options for Quote Generator System include:

  • Choose any one option (UL List, Circleword, Dropdown)
  • Choose multiple options (checkbox style)
    TIP: These can be blended together, i.e. sub-options like installation, and can also be conditional – show upsell / options if a super-option is checked.
  • Quantity Input, Slider – i.e. square feet in a home, loan amount, # of mailers going out – aka “Package Builder”.
  • Calculated. Talk to us – we may be able to calculate based on some logic – base fee + X per Y, or some other set of rules.

Note this system is not designed to replace the invoice / estimate tool, so if you need a more sophisticated estimate / bid, we suggest that – it allows for granular control. Naturally, one you have an estimate / quote put together, you can bundle that into an Envelope with docs and agreements (sales proposal, contract) as needed. The above system is designed for mainly self-serve + esign, or simple rules in the field.

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