A common problem for people that use Paypal Subscriptions is that they don’t know to set the “Source of Funds”.

Don’t feel bad, it’s really not obvious – but this post will help you fix or avoid that problem.

First, let’s assume you had a subscription, checked out, and it’s now expired. Let’s fix that problem so it doesn’t occur again: Simple login to SwiftCRM and go to Admin >> My Products. Select your product that you already have, and click “Order”, to re-check out.

It will redirect you to a Paypal page.

Before you click pay, be sure to click on “Source of Funds” – like this:

From there, you can specify a credit card. If you don’t do this step, Paypal will pull only from your paypal balance, which, since most people don’t actually keep much if any money in their paypal account, means the recurring subscription will fail, and cause you hassle and potentially embarrassment if it fails 3x (our system tries to rebill 3 times before showing the expired message).

If you have any more questions, ask away below – thanks.

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