Connect Web Form to API

Here’s an example Json file, which translates variable names, below:

Why this is needed:

  1. SwiftCloud has a few fields that are required, such as name, email
  2. Your remote system, such as some other CRM, will take simple POST data, but the variable field-name is different. Example:
    1. We store as “name” (which is “full name / both”)
    2. The remote system is expecting “FullName” with capital letters

This system allows you to rename variables before posting to a remote system.

TIP: You can also use Zapier or other API Bridge systems for this.

In short, this allows you to translate something like “email” to “e-Mail” or “name” to “FirstName%LastName”.

Format = incoming:outgoing

i.e. SwiftCloudVariableName:RemoteSystemVarName

Our variable names are in your email – just run a test and you’ll see them.


Here’s how to hook it up:

Connect Web Form to API

If you need more help about this, let us know and we’ll update this file with more help.


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