GOAL: Require an NDA before user can access content X (doc, video, etc)


1. Deliver the sensitive assets via email

See Pink box >> About Them >> hit the [+] to customize that.
You could include an encrypted un-guessable link i.e. google doc etc; This is the easiest fastest way.
  • PROs
    • Easy, fast to set up
    • Set it & forget it operation
  • CON
    • Possible for someone to enter fake data – NotAHuman@mailinator.com / John Doe and get access, since our system won’t know that John Doe isn’t a real person. It could be, there are real John Doe’s out there.
    • User could share URL to someone who has not signed. That however, might be a good thing – husband sharing to wife, or business partners sharing a file the other has legally signed for on behalf of the business.

2. Tollbooth (Membership Systems)

NOTE: If you need this, separate charges apply; this is an alpha system of semi-custom software. Upside is we’ll offer a 10-year buyout license so there’s no recurring charges for a solid decade, which in tech is a very long time.
We have a system called “Tollbooth” that requires X before Y can happen, and it’s handled via a token-pass, but this is a bit more complex and was custom coded for a client, so we have to charge for it, as it’ll involve some setup. That said, if you think this is the best option, we can make it work pretty inexpensively and quickly, we have the code working, but it was a WordPress plugin from our version-1 system.
  • PROs
    • Suitable for large numbers
    • Links cannot be shared (is this good? Depends on your needs)
  • CONs
    • Links cannot be shared (this might be good or bad, depending on your needs)
    • More work to set up
    • Requires our Membership modules.

3. Manually Shared

If this is only a small number of people, you can also manually share files in SwiftCloud. This is probably not what you want, but if it’s only a handful, and/or there’s manual oversight of who should have access, it’s a good option.
It would require users to “go through a front door” to access any file; if the cookie wasn’t present (or disabled, cookies were/are required for this), the user could not access the page / content.
  • PROs
    • You can ensure the NDA that was signed matches the recipient, and that it appears to be legit data
  • CONs
    • You, or some other human has to evaluate docs as they come in and then re-share the file.
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