The following fields have special powers!

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Address

  • Zip Code

How special? We use the power of the cloud to give you extra info, totally automagically. Currently, here’s what our fabulous servers will try to do for you based on these fields:

  1. Phone
    1. We’ll run a reverse phone lookup automatically to try and match a name and address.
    2. If we do get an address, we’ll give you a nifty map, set the time zone (so New Yorkers don’t call Hawaii at 5 am), and even
    3. If the address is present, try to run a zillow value on it just for a sketch value of the property.
  2. Email
    1. We’ll try to get a photo of the person using Google’s servers
    2. We’ll also try to get a name and social profiles of this person if we can.
  3. Zip Code
    1. We’ll automatically convert this to Zip Code, City, State, County, Country if relevant
    2. Then we’ll also convert the time zone
    3. We’ll also give you demographic data such as typical area income, racial mix of residents, population density, etc. from census data.
  4. Address
    1. We’ll try to map it, get the time zone, and get a zillow value if we can.
    2. We’ll add the weather – it’s not a biggy, but asking about the rain / snow / heat can build rapport in sales.

Have some other request? Just drop a line and let us know.

Tip: Computers are like obedient very un-creative little children. They’ll do exactly what you ask, and nothing more (as long as you ask correctly). We like automation – and try to give you all the info to help you close a sale.


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