Marketing Experiments

Spend SMALL money to learn and test ideas before you spend medium or big money on advertising.

One of the keys to transcending “Founder-itis” (dependency on the founder), and developing repeatable cost-per-acquired-client / cost-per-closed-deal is learning and refining your sales funnel.

We’ve just launched a simple tool that will get smarter and more integrated with time and will soon allow for split testing (to compare A vs. B, or “multi-variate” ABCD tests). Using this system is essential to campaign profitability (or another like it).

Marketing Experiments

To get started, click….

  1. RED – Marketing >> Marketing Experiments in the sidebar
  2. Next, click Add New top right, and fill in some data – what, precisely, do you want to learn or test?
    1. Give it a “slug”, which is a short bit of letters and numbers that will get inserted into tracking-URLs. No spaces allowed, and no special characters like punctuation. Slug should not be changed once traffic has started to it.
    2. You can optionally give it a cost. I usually put in a “sketch amount” at the beginning, then later, change it to the exact spend, so you can determine cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale. You can change this at any time.
    3. Click Save, of course and it will add into the table below
  3. Next, on the the left sidebar, click “Tracking URL Creator”. Be sure to use this to create “tracking URLs”, which will work with both Google Analytics and also SwiftCloud

For more information, see our e-Course about Marketing and Traffic.

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