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This is the officially maintained documentation for the IMPRESS Influencer Marketing and Press Release Engagement system.

This system requires both a WordPress plugin (here), and a paid SwiftCloud account to function as designed.

WordPress Plugin Shortcodes:

NOTE: Because we are running this plugin on this site, the shortcodes below are embedded as images and thus not highlight-able.

  • press release plugin  // defaults to 1; if undefined it will show the first category, which should be “press releases”.  Our setup wizard creates 3 categories, of Press Releases, Press Media Kit and Press Clippings. We don’t know what the numbers are for your site, it will vary by user based on WordPress details. Including the “display” option gives you control over title only, or title with date, or all (default, which is title, date, and excerpt (first 100 words or so)). Example:
    press release wp plugin
    // this would show a list of releases but without the excerpt first paragraph.

SwiftCloud Documentation:

Further info on SwiftCloud side coming to this space Feb 2017

Have questions about this system? Contact us and we’ll update this page.

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