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Offline Web Forms

We have a client going to a trade show, a live event, where he’s expecting to collect hundreds of leads on tablets, and internet will be somewhere between spotty and unreliable or simply not available at all.

So, our staff created a nifty little tablet-formatted video player (with offline videos saved to the device), along with SwiftCloud forms coded with some very crafty offline programming. If there’s any connection, or sporadic connection, the system will attempt to submit the leads it has cached to the device, but if there’s none, it will store them locally (encrypted) until a web connection has been re-established and the page loaded.

This means over the span of a few days the client can periodically (1-2 times a day) find some wifi with the device at a local coffeeshop, or via cel phone tethering without worrying about losing valuable leads.

While the majority of SwiftCloud’s tools and media are for offline, in the end, it’s all about results. Live shows and face to face sales still work, and if you need this, let us know and we can help.

Currently this requires a bit of custom programming, but it’s pretty quick and easy. Contact us if you need offline website forms. Naturally, everything can be formatted to tablets or phones or even kiosks.

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