electronic signature setup

Welcome! Here’s the basic Electronic Signature 5 Minute Setup…

The basic process for most common installations is:

  1. Create a thank-you after-signature page like “Thanks! We’ve received your doc” – or send the user directly to payment, or scheduling – whatever comes next.
  2. Copy & Paste your doc into the SwiftCloud Docs editor after using the Quick Start tool to get you started.
  3. Define your settings (redirect URL page, and who gets a copy, usually) and you’re done.

For more advanced training or options, please see


and/or contact our team. Please note some help documentation may refer to version 1.0, though whenever practical or possible, we have kept the options the same.


Note: The below refers to the version 1.0 System and is not recommended. It is currently in “legacy mode” and all data will be migrated summer of 2018. If you are a new user, please ensure you are using the system above, version 2.0, on which docs are signable on SwiftCloud servers then returned to your website.

Before we start, we have specific setup pages for:

1. WordPress e-Signature Setup – click here if using WordPress

2. Not WordPress – embed on the web, but not using WordPress

3. One-Time Single Docs you just want to sign & return

Any or all of these are fine, though if you have a WordPress website, use that – it’s the simplest and fastest.

Quick overview of the process for either case:

  1. Create a web-form inside SwiftCloud to correspond to the signor, as a template. You just need one per doc-type or doc-template, not one per signor.
  2. Setup the document
  3. As docs get signed, they will get stored in SwiftCloud as “frozen” digitally-signed copies. They cannot be edited once signed.
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