Rave Score is our Complete Customer Lifecycle Metric.

It starts with 0 (completely unaware of you & your brand) to 100 (raving fan, refers you, reviews you highly online) and includes all the steps in between.

You can modify this to your own company, this can be just a starting place if you prefer.

0 Unaware All imported prospects start here. Unaware of brand. Never heard of it.
10 Aware can Recognize & Recall the Brand, Logo. Customer is not yet conciously doing anything, but the seed has started to germinate. Might be wasted ad-spend here.
20 Interested (Maybe) Interested in Benefits of Ownership. Admits they have a problem, challenge to solve, or outcome they want. Hero hears about the land of Oz. Maybe it’s the answer to my goals and dreams.
30 Desire Ok, I definitely want to go to Oz. I know it’s a journey, but I don’t know the details, but let’s explore what the trip may require. We saw the puppy and want it, but will it work with our home?
40 Action Person raises their hand, and is willing to be sold to. Here starts down the yellow brick road to Oz. Filled out a lead-form, sat through a whole webinar, bought some $1 tripwire offer but not the upsell yet – just sticking a toe in the water. Has started the yellow brick road, but may still turn back if not rewarded along the way with small victories or being able to glimpse Oz
50 Shortlisted What criteria should I shop on? What do I most need? What are the best paths to Oz? This is your Phantom Funnel – SEO Brand Searches, PPC Brand Match
60 Probationary Sale – Enrollment Bought your intro product, or applied for that home loan & paid for the appraisal, or signed the sales contract. Takes the puppy home, but is still within the return period. Still emotionally ready to jump ship. Made it to Oz, but hasn’t yet met the Wizard
70 True Cost + Buyer’s Remorse – Registration Trough / nadir if setup is required. This is when they are weighing the cost vs benefit, the appeal of other alternatives, and most in danger, because they see the cost but not yet the full benefits. Flying Monkeys are here. Mortgage gets messy & complicated. Paperwork at the car dealer. May have to change old habits, which is hard, or detractors may be fighting this change. Churn risk is highest here.
80 Adopt / Wow Feeling / Retention Finally finds what they were looking for – Tin Man found his heart, Lion his courage. Comfortable with the investment vs cost. Brand Loyalty starts, but is not yet cemented. This is now my puppy. Note emotional buy-in can vary for enterprise sales, people have different goals – CFO = save $, but CEO = increase contract pull-through
90 Expand & Upgrade Looking for more, and wants to move up the value-ladder; upgrade their account; expand the relationship. Convert monthly to Annual. Realizes positive ROI on business endeavors. This is the realm of Negative Churn.
100 Advocate Proud to do business with you, Advoates for you, refers people, reviews you publicly, defends you if attacked.
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