We have a few real estate clients, and are developing a set of recommended feeds for various lead-types along with general best practices.

See our “Dashboard Best Practices” article first, then consider adding the following:

  1. Probates
    1. Obituaries RSS feeds – some newspapers have an RSS feed directly for this category, others use Legacy.com which is email only – see below.
    2. Legacy.com – sign up for obituary notices in your area, tied to an email-to-RSS feeder like mmmmail.com or mailinator.com (just invent an address, then go check your mailbox). Click ObitMessenger at the bottom and sign up, but use your email-to-RSS instead of your regular email.
    3. Monitor for “Estate Sale” – craigslist and other classifieds
  2. Listings
    1. Monitor for “Moving Sale” and “Estate Sale” – craigslist and other classifieds
    2. Monitor Twitter for “Moving to {yourcity}” i.e. “Moving to Las Vegas”
  3. FSBOs
    1. Monitor for “FSBO” and “For Sale By Owner” – – craigslist and other classifieds
  4. Referrals Income:
    1. Monitor Yahoo Answers / Questions. Note this is national not local, so you may be getting questions from anywhere in the world those the vast majority is in the USA. Could be combined with blacklisting like “UK” or “Australia” to reduce foreign leads. For real estate, phrases like “what is my home worth” or “how to short sale” or other buying-signal questions.
    2. Monitor Twitter for “Moving to {yourcity}” i.e. “Moving to Las Vegas”
    3. JV Sources:
      1. Monitor craigslist and other classifieds for Financial planners, CPAs, Tax professionals, etc. and reach out to them about JV marketing. Anyone who’s been in the business for a while and any good probably already has someone, but add them to your database anyone – I (RogerV, writer, former mortgage pro + agent)  had people say no, then a few months later were impressed with my marketing, tried me out, and slowly sent me more and more business until I was their main guy. It may be just about timing too, or focusing just on rentals for example.




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